Many Moving Magnets Melting Metal

I stick a bunch of magnets to the flywheel of a diesel engine to show off some cool science.

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  • Try it with mercury or galluim

    Random NotesRandom Notes20 timmar sedan
  • Talk about sweating bullets!

    Michael FritzMichael Fritz20 timmar sedan
  • 11:14 was that a spark, and what caused it?

    projectdelta50projectdelta5023 timmar sedan
  • CODY , awesome video as always my friend , i have one question , where did you get the magnets please ?

  • I miss grant

    Anand AbrahamAnand Abraham5 dagar sedan

    Mike GibsonMike Gibson7 dagar sedan
  • Masterfully Made Mechanism

    Bify GifBify Gif10 dagar sedan
  • Add some resitors in series with the leds & they wont burn out.

    Dawid SpangenbergDawid Spangenberg14 dagar sedan
  • You should try a Halbach array to melt your bullet. It focuses the magnetic fields on one side of the magnets. Kind of like if you had used a series of horseshoe magnets put shoulder to shoulder on your wheel.

    Hypercube9Hypercube918 dagar sedan
  • Awesome video. The applause caption reminds me of the wheel chatter from wof.

    Allen RogersAllen Rogers19 dagar sedan
  • I would’ve just used the superglue for the bullet!

    Q AnonQ Anon21 dag sedan
  • You're the type of friend i wish i had for when the apocalypse happens..

    Duane SchwingleDuane Schwingle21 dag sedan
  • Still cool even if it was a fake bullet.

    Petru RaciulaPetru Raciula22 dagar sedan
  • Can you use neodium magnets to make a floteing planet like ball of copper and basically have a planet that fly's just like the real thing

    I am the Alfa & Omega first born of the deadI am the Alfa & Omega first born of the dead22 dagar sedan
  • This guy has a flir cam and I'd probably be correct to assume he also owns an IR thermometer, yet he still says things like " I'd estimate the bullet only got to around 100°c." Why the hell are you estimating when you have access to precision measuring equipment? You shouldn't have to estimate anything.

    Schnuh330Schnuh33022 dagar sedan
  • haha great presentation. "And the light did not illuminate. What's wrong? haha" You're awesome, sir. And I learned a lot, for real. Thank you for your videos.

    Kevin LaliberteKevin Laliberte22 dagar sedan
  • Wish you were my neighbor because I enjoy tinkering with this kind of stuff.Real simple but fascinating stuff.Thanks for your time .

    Keith StrongKeith Strong22 dagar sedan
  • What dirty fossil fuel cause there's no sun or wind!!!!

    Dirtyharry70585Dirtyharry7058522 dagar sedan
  • At 11:29 Cody's experiment begins to explain why Tesla's solid bodied AC Motors were prone to overheating prior to becoming constructed of laminated iron. L.O.H's if my memory serves correctly Cody.👍

    John kennersonJohn kennerson22 dagar sedan
  • Great stuff but I'm sorry, I don't understand why they'd make devices with thinner metal leaves if the reasoning is for more electronic dissipation? Maybe I misunderstood the point in these things, I've forgotten the name of those things anyway. Transformers? It is late so I'm tired mind. I find electronics and magnet associations confusing lol but you explain great

    Cleveland explorerCleveland explorer22 dagar sedan
  • This is really cool! Now get back to work!!!

    JeremeyJeremey23 dagar sedan
  • you might not have considered it ... But the heat is also absorbed by the wood to some extent and if you have got hot enough to melt Lead... The wood would have caught fire as well...

    Albrat GamingAlbrat Gaming24 dagar sedan
  • this is due to the heat energy from the copper coil which is wrapped around the bullet

    dedy prasetyodedy prasetyo24 dagar sedan
  • i wonder if you could open a safe with a bunch of magnets :-D

    Roman GlombRoman Glomb24 dagar sedan
  • Just a ?, do you loose some magnet strength by having them stuck on iron,

    Blue PlasmaBlue Plasma25 dagar sedan
  • cool sciency stuff,.... MMMmmm,.. yea

    Todd AndersonTodd Anderson25 dagar sedan
  • :/ Rest In Peace Grant .... every time a video mentions him or comes up in my feed , it makes me sad. Oh how much I’ve learned from his videos to do fun science with my kids .

    Unknown UserUnknown User26 dagar sedan
  • So if we put two rotating flywheels going in opposite directions on top of each other, both surrounded by magnets as you’ve done here, then got an iron pipe let’s say the diameter of a little bigger than the bullet and wrapped that iron pipe in copper wire, held the bullet with a rudimentary design like an Allen screw tapped into the side, charged the pipe and released the bullet at full rpm, we could possibly make a homage railgun. And make it even more powerful with a car battery and an on/off switch

    Edwin hernandezEdwin hernandez26 dagar sedan
  • Cool video

    Nate GNate G27 dagar sedan
  • 120° x 50/60Hertz

    moreelo silvamoreelo silva27 dagar sedan
  • Wow, that gallium melted liked crazy 😉

    FrankChicago CeoullFrankChicago Ceoull27 dagar sedan
  • you have a frickin model t

    sweer potatosweer potato28 dagar sedan
  • Humans always try to find different methods for melting things. The more complicated the better.

    Sheer LockSheer Lock28 dagar sedan

    kris754akris754a29 dagar sedan
  • Reluctance. Phi=F/R

    fastacker2fastacker229 dagar sedan
  • I have heard and have heard people say on wedding videos that ceramic magnets are better for inducing electromagnetic flux into a coil the neodymium that raw magnetic strength isn't the only Factor something about the shape of the flux mix ceramic magnets better I don't know if this is true I don't know the exact science behind it cuz it's only something that I heard and tucked away in my brain somewhere I've never considered why I don't even know like I said if it's true or not just my two cents what do you think about that hypothesis? Since you've done needs experiment and I have not is there any truth to this?

    Clown WhisperClown Whisper29 dagar sedan
  • Not enough magnets

    Jeffrey BoarmanJeffrey Boarman29 dagar sedan
  • me melting a girl by running circles around her .Yeah science

    Jake McwJake McwMånad sedan
  • That is a lot of magnets

    UniconUniconMånad sedan
  • First time I have heard of "listeroid" engines. Own one "lister", how do you tell the difference?

    James CooperJames CooperMånad sedan
  • Oh my God finally a Cody's lab recommendation. It's way Late but I will take a cody video recommendation any day

    Sabi1234567890AsdfSabi1234567890AsdfMånad sedan
  • Cool Sound.

    Tom BombadilTom BombadilMånad sedan
  • I immediately put bullets into the camp fire🤣 Kidding - don’t try this.

    Mandela AffectedMandela AffectedMånad sedan
  • What kind of slow motion camera are you using?

    ZK ProduzioniZK ProduzioniMånad sedan
  • Why not drill a hole in the bullet, then put a wooden dowel in the wood???

    Joseph CalabreseJoseph CalabreseMånad sedan
  • Interesting, as always. I was surprised that the melted metal wasn't picked up by the magnets and sprayed.

    Art SmithArt SmithMånad sedan
  • Dude you just invented something that can light your house. If you run wires from that coil and attach them to your lights!!! Holy crap you are genus, get a patent!!! Call it the electricity maker thingie or EMT

    Reno SimpsonReno SimpsonMånad sedan
  • this title, so funny. We dutch have some crazy examples like that. Like for example: Als in het dorpje Bergen bergen bergen bergen bergen bergen, bergen bergen bergen bergen bergen.

    bertjesklotepinobertjesklotepinoMånad sedan
  • “I put some spit on there” that’s what she said

    Ryan RyanRyan RyanMånad sedan
  • Is this pissible... Then we can generate heat in winters in low budget...a portable hot air fan can be made

  • Mommy made me mash my MandMs it made me mad

  • This is so amazing you are using a physical or mechanical switching of magnetic fields to generate this kind of temperature! I would have imagined this WOULD NOT be possible without transistor switching! LOVE IT!

    Beto ChavezBeto ChavezMånad sedan
  • Anyone else’s heart jump when he precariously poured liquid metal in his hand ?

    devin millerdevin millerMånad sedan
  • CTHYTA = Comment To Help SEcrone Algorithm

    Jess StuartJess StuartMånad sedan
  • AND WHAT IF YU MULTIPLY WITH 1000! .. ??????! everything copper coil magnets etc.....

    maria lacostamaria lacostaMånad sedan
  • I will explain the part with tranzistor.. electricity doesnt go inside the metal it is on surface of the metal thats why.. it is more eficient for trans. thats why they have a sound those thun plates are vybrating

    Adam ValkoššákAdam ValkoššákMånad sedan
  • Thats coll as ....

    Joseph PecoulJoseph PecoulMånad sedan
  • not sure if you noticed, just before the LEDs burnt out you can see the coil short out.

    funtyms foreverfuntyms foreverMånad sedan
  • I'd like to see that coil hooked up to an oscilloscope, or at least a multi-meter, and get an idea of the voltage it was creating.

    drdrums1drdrums1Månad sedan
  • you have a ton of cool toys, great post

    John PooleJohn PooleMånad sedan
  • "its making a whirring noise!" *wormhole opens up*

    Aquatta DomdrenAquatta DomdrenMånad sedan
  • 11:10 to 11:18 any explanation

    Rex RigRex RigMånad sedan
  • The uninterested language spectacularly allow because foxglove significantly shelter atop a loose curler. drunk, unruly banjo

    Maxwell EdisonMaxwell EdisonMånad sedan
  • The balls on this guy to have his hands so close to something spinning fast enough to skin them

    Movie MemesMovie MemesMånad sedan
  • That's how you blasted NK.

    Venkat BabuVenkat BabuMånad sedan
  • non-alternating magnetic field lorentz force wire to cap plate high voltage alternate van-de-graaff generator

    Jätski.fiJätski.fiMånad sedan
  • ho sheet cody casts his own bullets.

    Greg DawesonGreg DawesonMånad sedan
  • 0:31 ... wait... no solar wind? That thing can stop DoD access! Sweet! lulz

    jester sijester siMånad sedan
  • put a voltage and amp meter on this?

    Joseph DuPontJoseph DuPontMånad sedan
  • what is the compression ratio of the engine..

    Joseph DuPontJoseph DuPontMånad sedan
  • you could put the magnets on the inside of the rim.

    Joseph DuPontJoseph DuPontMånad sedan
  • How does self-balancing flywheel work? I'm thinging about it over hour and I can't figure anything.

    Jan KlusacekJan KlusacekMånad sedan
  • But can you do this with M&M 's?

    David SöderströmDavid SöderströmMånad sedan
  • Use this in space to generate heat

    DubteeDubteeMånad sedan
  • So now I wonder how much loss of energy to the output this engine has and if using a series of stronger magnets on the fly wheel to generate an electrical current could recover some of that or if the efficiency would be to low and result in more loss

    DeaconCanleDeaconCanleMånad sedan
  • There's a real-world application for this: Someone designed a lamp for places where electricity doesn't arrive. The lamp has an open chain that goes through some gears and you attach a weight to one of the sides which pulls it down very slowly, just like in those old cuckoo clocks. The weight does gradually fall down and this gives a spinning motion that generates electricity to power a light bulb just like in your video but using the force of gravity instead of a diesel engine. The insides are designed so there's a lot of resistance and it lasts for 4-5 hours before you have to change the weight to the other side of the chain.

    Four of ClubsFour of ClubsMånad sedan
  • Thank you enjoyed it very much. I would love to hang out with you for a few hours in the shop. I'm sure you could have made, a substantial amount of Power, with a larger homemade coil next to it. How much power output , does that classic generator produce???

    Sean O'greenSean O'greenMånad sedan
  • i feel like if you tried to use that bullet in a gun it would melt before leaving the barrel and destroy the gun, would also look cool spraying melted meatal out though.

    ETETMånad sedan
  • If these death wheels were in motion i wouldn´t want to be in the same room.

    FlugrugerFlugrugerMånad sedan

    Keith WalkerKeith WalkerMånad sedan
  • Casually points out the Model T....

    Valentino DagherValentino DagherMånad sedan
  • Hmmm. Why didn’t you just fill the cartridge with the solder?

    Ian GarciaIan GarciaMånad sedan
  • I take it you reload your own ammo?

    TB12GOATTB12GOATMånad sedan
  • Can we store the electricity generated

    Dennis SDennis SMånad sedan
  • This is freaking cool 😮

    Phillip ProctorPhillip ProctorMånad sedan
  • That thing starts easier than my Dodge.

    BMyVisionBMyVisionMånad sedan
  • You make chemistry and physics interesting.

    PwnzistorPwnzistorMånad sedan
  • Food Commercial's be like: 19:26

    Ethan ParksEthan ParksMånad sedan
  • mmmmm:)

    Sef sul DivanoSef sul DivanoMånad sedan
  • Alternate title: MMMMM

    David NetoiuDavid NetoiuMånad sedan
  • What is the function of the 1" copper tubing on the inside of the flywheel ?

    John ZillnerJohn ZillnerMånad sedan
  • I always say every house hold should have an elecromagnet generator.

    Malachi ColeMalachi ColeMånad sedan
  • I know how to do what without using any fuel

    Hector DeusHector DeusMånad sedan
  • I have a request, can you please measure the the current flow, because who much current it's generated that's why the pore LED are Pop up.

    UchihaDSBUchihaDSB2 månader sedan
  • it's kind of scary seeing your hands so close to a heavy, quickly spinning flywheel.

    CovodexCovodex2 månader sedan
  • "The fifth M-ement" am I right? :D Anyone? ... anyone?

    Brandon FerrellBrandon Ferrell2 månader sedan
  • Cody's voice sounds like the John Connor from Terminator 4. Maybe it is John Connor and while he waits for the apocalypse he started to youtube home experiments showing his über skills with machines since his mom, Sarah, taught him all about it (?)

    Just Say NoJust Say No2 månader sedan
  • 18:19 _lot of poisonous gases, I think it’s ready to serve_ Cit. Electroboom

    Серджио MissagliaСерджио Missaglia2 månader sedan
  • Old engines... COOM

    Серджио MissagliaСерджио Missaglia2 månader sedan
  • This was a very good video.

    Shane PowersShane Powers2 månader sedan