Can I Dissolve Through Tempered Glass?

I test to see if I can successfully make a hole in tempered glass without shattering it by using chemicals instead of abrasives.
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  • Love your channel

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  • *Alien entered the chat*

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  • It might have worked if etching had continued from one side, rather than flipping it. That would have removed the sensitive tensile center while it was still supported by the compressive layer on the bottom. By flipping and removing both outer compressive layers, only the tensile center was left, getting thinner and thinner. It’s hard to imagine any conclusion where the thin membrane under tension doesn’t crack. Therefore, etch all from one side, so the final membrane is under compression instead.

    RupertJAJRupertJAJ2 månader sedan

    Robert DebloisRobert Deblois2 månader sedan
  • Burn through it with a laser? maybe the heat will keep it from popping

    computerman200computerman2002 månader sedan
  • Wouldn't the acid cause a hydrothermal reaction (heat)? Maybe if the reaction was keep at a more stable temperature? Idk. Just curious.

    jonh doejonh doe2 månader sedan
  • Quick research shows that it is also possible to anneal tempered glass, drill your holes, and then re-temper it. properly tempering glass is very difficult for the homegamer, however.

    bradley morganbradley morgan2 månader sedan
  • As a mechanical engineer, I appreciate you took the time to tell us about compressive vs tensile loads in brittle failure

    Ravi Lee JonesRavi Lee Jones2 månader sedan
  • the principle of a steel rod under tension in a ceramic is the same as concrete beams with pretensioned reinforcing, nice demonstration cody :)

    antoon van dyckantoon van dyck2 månader sedan
  • This one is interesting to me. I work in a glass factory, currently laminating wind shields but spent years tempering for back lites and sun roofs. I used to get sprayed with glass cullet when they would break while quenching. And throwing away rejects / testing we broke many thousands of pieces. Can be satisfying stress relief sometimes

    Connor WoodsConnor Woods2 månader sedan
  • Could a person temper a piece of regular glass without breaking it?

    Marty ParsonsMarty Parsons3 månader sedan
  • You should have time lapsed it so we could see when it decides to shatter

    Billy GillespieBilly Gillespie3 månader sedan
  • Inside a piece of tempered glass, it's the central layer that is being pulled. When you dissolve through the central layer to weaken it enough, it could no longer hold the pulling tension and caused the explosion. From this perspective I would say there is no way to cut apart the central layer of a piece of tempered glass due to the pulling tension on it.

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  • 1:37 he just casually punched his ceiling

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  • I think I know what might have ha5to the glass to cause it to break

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  • how big of glass does this apply to? are there limits to how big of tempered glass will shatter?

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  • Once, when captured by pirates and being sold as a slave in a market place, diogenes was inquired about his occupation to which he replied, "to govern men, anyone in need of a master should purchase me"

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  • what if you continued on the same side?- the way it was done, the last piece of glass still intact was under tension- perhaps doing it the other way around would have made it more stable, dissolving away the compressed glass last

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  • So a prince Rupert's drop is just tempered glass that's really easy to make a hole in and start the tensile chain reaction by just snapping off the end bit?

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  • 2:12 gottim!

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  • You got close I'm surprised it didn't work

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  • You need to de-temper the glass, cut a hole, and re-temper it again... ;)

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  • Yes, you can disolve through any aqueous layer, it just how fast it will occur.

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  • Cody: Something came in the mail for you. Me: What? Cody: 2:13

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  • Am i the only one that sees a creepy kid’s face reflected on the gold SEcrone button? This quarantine is making me crazy lmao

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  • So, in effect, Prince Rupert's drop?

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  • This ain't rocket science, glass is heated to cherry red . Then the glass is extruded from the oven , jets of cold air cool the two surfaces the center of the glass is still molten. When the core cools , you have a potential spring . Any crack that goes to the center of of the thickness of the glass, causes the entire sheet to fracture. The number in the corner of side window glass in your car is the number of pieces you get when you break it. That's what DOT 50 means , a 6 square centimeter piece of tempered glass will break into 50 piece.

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  • welcome to the fume hood

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  • Could you burn a hole through it with a super hot torch?

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  • Ooh boy i got some sweaty palms watching that hammer demonstration. Was expecting some cybertruck style expectation subversion theere.

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  • try again without flipping the glass halfway through the other side of the glass may support the high-pressure area until it's through then it can dissolve the low-pressure glass after that may get you all the way through

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  • Glass dissolves very slowly

    Sean HuntSean HuntÅr sedan
  • Could you heat a hole through it? That would undo the temper, theoretically, right? So would the laser thing in movies still work?

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  • Cody: I'm going to tighten deez nuts Me: haha gat em!

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  • so in a way its similar to a Rupert drop?

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  • I just go to my local Glazer that can temper glass, buy the glass, cut and form it, then take it back and let him temper it. Whole lot easier.

    Jack HudlerJack HudlerÅr sedan
  • thats pretty interesting, in fact i wonder if we could estimate the tempering-stresses based on the initial and end-thickness. since the process is so slow, you find exactly the thickness where the static equilibrium of forces cannot be fulfilled anymore because the tensile strength got exceeded.... :)

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  • 01:00 jerryrigeverithing disagrees

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  • 5:39 "I guess it's time for the acid" 🍄

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  • How about chlorine trifluoride, pretty sure u get thru anything with that. :P

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  • When is the total synthesis of cocaine coming?

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  • before you watch the entire video no he can't

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  • Cody's planning a bank robbery.

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  • If you use glass doesn't it defeat the purpose of a glory hole though?

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  • drip it ¡¡¡¡

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  • Is HF that dangerous? It really only dissolves two things - glass and people! So yes it is very dangerous! If you get it in your skin it moves into you and finds your bones. It reacts with the hydroxy apatite crystals in you bones which then forms a fluoridated crystal structure that is bigger. The crystals now do not fit together properly weakening the bone and causing considerable bone pain.

    John MatthewsonJohn MatthewsonÅr sedan
  • Fascinating. I never understood how tempered glass works.

    Bill KerrBill KerrÅr sedan
  • Can confirm- holes are drilled before tempering. Worked in glass industry.

    Karl WhallsKarl WhallsÅr sedan
  • Dissolving glass? Molten NaOH doesn’t seem very practical. Does that mean...? Yes, it does! 48% HF solution! I thought he’d use a weaker solution, but no, 48% it is. At least he wore gloves (though I don’t see him wearing more than one pair...).

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  • something came in the mail today 2:13

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  • Many similarities here to prince rupert's drops.

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  • I see hydrofloric and immediately Ahhhhhh! Nope

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  • Dude! You KNOW hydrofluoric acid is a contact poison that can easily cause metabolic shutdown and death! Why play with it?

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  • what if you compress the sides of the glass first? that way it neutralizes internal compression when disolving.

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  • i use to work for a company that made automotive glass and it's really cool but it was really hot like 120°

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  • Funny you'd be using PSI despite doing science when people would expect fully metric and use Pa (pascal).

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  • The force required break tempered glass after the tension layer has been exposed is so small that it might as well not exist. A slight change in temperature, a light breeze, or the tiniest tremors will break it.

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  • you should try that with a burning laser.

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  • Very interesting thank you

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  • this was actually very interesting :3

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  • would've been cool to see the point where the glass shattered from the acid but it would've been a pain to catch it to record for 2 weeks or so straight haha

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  • Flouroantamonic acid will definitely make a hole in the glass except there wont be any glass, or anything else for that matter, left lol

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  • So basically the science of a Rupert's drop.

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  • hydrofluoric acid is ridiculously dangerous. Surprised you can get some

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  • Can you melt a hole in tempered glass?

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  • why did you even think this would work

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  • I get much more excited for your series than your other videos (specifically the chicken hole one at the moment), so I was surprised to see that this video has so many more views than those - I don't mean anything negative, I more so mean that I'm thankful for your other, less popular videos, Cody :) keep it up!

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  • 0:04 well with hydrofluoric acid anythings possible :)

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  • you should checkout something called prince rupert's drop

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  • Glass is glass and glass breaks.

    Abhishek KarkiAbhishek KarkiÅr sedan
  • Could you melt a hole through with a laser? Maybe just relieve the stresses with concentrated heat and then drill or dissolve through?

    Dean HaynesDean HaynesÅr sedan
  • I say try again, but balance the glass, give it feet around the spot you want to make the hole and feet on the corners. It's a possibility that the acid weakened the glass enough, that pane's own weight shattered it and the removal of the pane from the bin may have caused a mound or two in that powder to unbalance it. Just a thought...

    Meesoe DontaskMeesoe DontaskÅr sedan
  • @Cody'sLab - How about annealing the area you want to put a hole through? Or using dilute acid, so that the supercooled glass fluid has time to creep and relax the new stress configuration as the hole progresses?

    YodaWhatYodaWhatÅr sedan
  • 2:13 Deez Nuts

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  • Hey what if you found a way to stabilize the tension around the area you are dissolving? I'm not an expert but if you want to put a needle through a baloon, you put tape on it, and get the needle through without popping the baloon so long as the tape is on there. Is there anything similar for tempered glass? Like some epoxy you can vaporize through the glass in an area? I don't know what I'm talking about but curious.

    Erdem MemisyaziciErdem MemisyaziciÅr sedan
  • It's like a prince Rupert's drop but the whole glass.

    Erdem MemisyaziciErdem MemisyaziciÅr sedan
  • Can you EAT tempered glass?

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  • 0:57 kinda dumb using black gloves in front of a black backdrop while trying to point and showcase what he's talking about

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  • Boy that glass sure had a temper when trying to dissolve it lol

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  • Is this the same reason Prince Rupert drops explode when you cut the tail?

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  • That glass rod was snapped by you not the anvil

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  • Ehhh... If you heat the piece of glass in an oven while it does this, is that cheating? At any rate, you need a way to relieve the stresses in the glass before inducing them again to resume the strength of the tempered glass. You can do that by immersing it in a bath of heated, concentrated salts. The commercial example is a beer bottle, which is soaked in a solution of magnesium sulfate to leech out the sodium and potassium hydroxide from the glass. They do this for reasons beyond altering the glass strength (it prevents the alcohol in the beer from reacting with the glass and throwing an off flavor), but it does make beer bottles stronger than non-ion exchanged bottles. Ions of smaller atomic radii can diffuse into the glass more readily than large ions. Lithium is good at this, but it causes brittleness and hardening in the glass after the fact. The lithium ion is probably too small for most things. Boric acid can induce stresses into glass, but i don't know how controlled it is. It also increases the melting point of the glass, in case that matters. All alkaline salts, like potassium or sodium hydroxide react directly with glass too. If you can get the glass and sodium hydroxide hot enough, you could just drop molten sodium hydroxide onto it and it'd eat through it, but it'd still probably explode at that point. Any who....

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  • I didn't get a notification l.

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  • Okay, let's set down this onto a tray. Nice!

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  • Wonder if putting the pain off glass under tension first would be better

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  • Do it again with a smaller area. You might be able to make a hole up to ½"/13mm without issue. Or do it the same size as before, but entirely from 1 side.

    Double Dare FanDouble Dare FanÅr sedan
  • What about electron beam induced deposition as a means of cutting? It can cut through some OBSCENELY fragile things...

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  • Well, you nearly got through. Would it have burst if you hadn't turned it round?

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  • cody puts mercury in his mouth but wears hearing protection to pop a balloon

  • "Tighten deez nuts"

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  • Glass is glass, and glass breaks - Jerry but actually Zack

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  • Hey Cody, our of curiosity... what would happen if you got a piece of tungsten and heated it past the melting point of the tempered glass. Would it melt through the glass or would the glass shatter?

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  • Bruh he can lift an anvil

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  • How about using a laser?

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  • Cody is the type of guy to answer my 3am thoughts with a vidioe

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  • this is great for a fun science project to do

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  • This was the BEST tempering explanation I've seen, congrats Cody!

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  • Lol next time dont have a metal bar in the middle you just picked up the anvil with a metal bar and glass acted as a bushing

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  • 5:39 this phrase is unique.

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