Opening The Tin Can Made Of Real Tin

I open up the real tin metal can with green beans and mason jar of peaches with tin lids.
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  • No hiss.. Steve mre would be disappointed 😆

    Jimmy DeanJimmy Dean4 dagar sedan
  • My grandma did a lot of compote. The cherries were kinda white, peaches were light brown etc. but it tasted good. The store bought peaches conserve their colour and the water is a lot sweeter. I think they add sugar to it as well as some preservatives.

    Erik HendrychErik Hendrych11 dagar sedan
  • Inside of store bought cans are coated inside with bpa very thin layer same with soda cans. You can discover the can and just be left with a plastic type membrane

    Sine NomineSine Nomine25 dagar sedan
  • You should make another and send it to @Steve1989MREinfo for testing

    timr720timr72028 dagar sedan
  • Im frum da future

    Super J MoSuper J Mo29 dagar sedan
  • Truly canning a can

    Kanser TheCrabKanser TheCrabMånad sedan

    Josh _9901Josh _9901Månad sedan
  • Sploosh

    The boredom ChannelThe boredom ChannelMånad sedan
  • Cusak, you better hurry before I burn the Vatican down.

    Fred FlintstoneFred FlintstoneMånad sedan
  • Botulism is nothing to play with, a canning book/guide we'd bought literally says "with botulism your lips will tingle. Then you'll die"

    First LastFirst LastMånad sedan
  • bEAns

    VongQualitetVongQualitetMånad sedan
  • i honestly couldnt give a flying shit less about this shit. idk why the fuck youtube algorithm would even consider recommending this to me out of all people

    Shane OehlerShane OehlerMånad sedan
  • I just had food poisoning a week ago from some expired beans that were in my cabinet.

    The GoldenChildThe GoldenChildMånad sedan
  • Nice hiss

    Brendon McindlessBrendon McindlessMånad sedan
  • Nice hiss 👍

    Dat GuyDat GuyMånad sedan
  • Swear I lose years of your videos because I don’t check my subscriptions it’s 2021 and I was wondering what you did with these tin cans 😂

    lokandfffanlokandfffanMånad sedan
  • The peaches reminds me of that movie holes

    Syn0psis 1Syn0psis 1Månad sedan
  • wheres the tin opener made from tin

    ..Månad sedan
  • I thought tin cans were lined with wax or something nowadays

    Bug VanfossenBug VanfossenMånad sedan
  • Thank you for using celcius

    PINKKXPINKKXMånad sedan
  • A metal spork? Awesome!

    skeeter197140skeeter197140Månad sedan
  • 5:30 nice hiss

    Bussler HustlerBussler HustlerMånad sedan
  • CB is a geology student and chemistry afficionado who ate some green bean....

    Fred latin MedicFred latin MedicMånad sedan
  • I prefer eating a bread made out of real bread with bread inside it

    Gde RrtikcGde RrtikcMånad sedan
  • Man doesn’t wear a mask and gloves for the green beans. I’ve watched enough SteveMRE to know that is a stupid idea

    Dr SquishybellyDr SquishybellyMånad sedan
  • 4:54 "let's move on to the b*tches" lmfao

    alex 1337alex 1337Månad sedan
  • professional idubbbz

    Vincent LiuVincent LiuMånad sedan
  • Cobbler... Zactly what I was thinking.

    Arnold CainesArnold CainesMånad sedan
  • Isn't tin more rare than gold?

    Christian SharkeyChristian SharkeyMånad sedan
  • Spork!

    Baue frenchmenBaue frenchmenMånad sedan
  • Honestly those home made tins look awesome to me.

    NaCl SigmaNaCl SigmaMånad sedan
  • Why is there a risk of getting botulism from the beans and not the peaches?

    IsaakIsaakMånad sedan
    • The method he used to can the beans is not as sure fire as he canned peaches. The canned peaches method is used all the time and is a very reliable and safe method of food preservation

      Malacious MarkMalacious MarkMånad sedan
  • I stocked those same peaches at work yesterday at marianos. Then a video on the peaches pops up... they are watching me

    Blaze ItBlaze ItMånad sedan
  • Wait so youre disappointed the peaches don't a have a tin taste

    With YouWith YouMånad sedan
  • I don't understand the significance of this test, nor why SEcrone suggested it

    Mike Papa KiloMike Papa KiloMånad sedan

    williameddlewiswilliameddlewisMånad sedan
  • Wow, been subbed here long enough I remember when you made the can

    Katie OwlKatie OwlMånad sedan
  • For some reason my brain keeps making me think its lead

    Elliott BorkElliott BorkMånad sedan
  • ive eaten shit straight out of the can since i was born and never had a problem

    gling Gloffreygling GloffreyMånad sedan
    • Out of cans you made?

      Malacious MarkMalacious MarkMånad sedan
  • Didn't you have a blue rabbit like ten years ago?

    Harry Ball ZachHarry Ball ZachMånad sedan
  • I think Cody should have put boozed in those peaches and we watch a video of him eating the whole jar.

    Kbls KablesKbls KablesMånad sedan
  • Has this unboxing channel?

    Austin ZhangAustin ZhangMånad sedan
  • I like how you talk about heavy metal poisoning in the context of flavor.

    PillsWontHelpYouNowPillsWontHelpYouNow3 månader sedan
  • That was really cool, thanks for sharing Cody

    JoManOutJoManOut3 månader sedan
  • cooking in the can requires a ceramic lined can

    frank millirenfrank milliren4 månader sedan
  • There some great ideas here! Because I always know where are my cutting pliers (not like my can opener...)

    Laurent ElensLaurent Elens4 månader sedan
  • cody you are the cutes chemistry youtuber

    Anxiety 2006Anxiety 20065 månader sedan
  • Its been almost 2 years, i want to see those peaches cody

    Blissful DJBlissful DJ5 månader sedan
  • You dipshits saying that it’s just some old beans. You can get Big death from those beans

    Oldwhale401Oldwhale4017 månader sedan
  • Tin'th of November haha element 50 haha

    hans.preis hans.preishans.preis hans.preis9 månader sedan
  • Oh forgotten green beans are the worst!

    Michael PlusMichael Plus9 månader sedan
  • When are you going to open the other thing of peaches?

    UnknownUnknown9 månader sedan
  • Take a drink every time Cody says tin.

    luthmhorluthmhor10 månader sedan
  • I know i'm super late Cody, and I haven't seen the peaches episode so I don't know how you made the lids for those, but as far as the tin pest forming on the can, I wonder if it could be due to the compressive and thermal stress you put on the seal as you clamped it and let it cool. Maybe the surface of the crimped part could have formed small tin whiskers, which i assume might be more susceptible to developing tin pest. Then, of course, it would catalyze itself. So maybe your canning process made the can more susceptible to whiskering, and then to tin pest.

    Mr. Duno9Mr. Duno911 månader sedan
  • Maybe an interaction between the metal of the pliers and the tin you crimped with them?

    avi8r66avi8r6611 månader sedan
  • Give them to ashens

    Harvey BishopHarvey BishopÅr sedan
  • I saw this on my recommendations, can someone tell me what’s the deal here I’m a bit confused. Is he doing research of some kind? He seems very speculative

    Rah JahRah JahÅr sedan
  • All tin cans now are plastic lined and not made of tin, imagine the irony of that.

    Infinite RealityInfinite RealityÅr sedan
  • Ironic

    CEO Of NintendoCEO Of NintendoÅr sedan
  • The taste is bacteria

    Tree-Goo 95Tree-Goo 95År sedan
  • So there’s fake tin can?

    notJunior26notJunior26År sedan
  • I mean. When done properly canned beans can last years. My grandma would can beans and they'd still be perfectly fine four years down the road. Cherries and peaches dont last long though. Sure they're fine to eat, but it turns into a mushy paste in your mouth.

    ErrorErrorÅr sedan
  • I have been looking for this video

    Danny HuffmanDanny HuffmanÅr sedan
  • *Tin can review*

    james2james2År sedan
  • The store PEACHES have added SUGAR, to sweeten them up. Or syrup. Its not just WATER. I Love you!!!

    sandramorrison99sandramorrison99År sedan
  • If you cooked the beans, botulinum toxin would denature completely, so you don't have to fear this bacterium in particular.

    alex1alex1År sedan
    • The bad smell however means that you should absolutely stay away.

      alex1alex1År sedan
  • “You bite the peach, the peach bites back”

    estkentestkentÅr sedan
  • I would have eaten the beans

    Jake GreenJake GreenÅr sedan
  • I’ve been waiting for this video!

    Holy Frijoles VlogsHoly Frijoles VlogsÅr sedan
  • Lets all feast on Cyanide yummy

    Joe OrtonJoe OrtonÅr sedan
  • Nice hiss.

    Nezumi NezumiNezumi NezumiÅr sedan
  • Nice hiss

    J.J. ShankJ.J. ShankÅr sedan
  • Love how many Steve1989 references there are in the comments lol

    survivalizersurvivalizerÅr sedan
  • My guess with the tin can seal transforming into tin pest is that it had more surface area from when you crimped it shut with the pliers, as opposed to the relatively flat lids from the peach jars

    Aidan LovickAidan LovickÅr sedan
  • It’s probably because the canned peaches have additives like corn syrup

    x1ic1xx1ic1xÅr sedan
    • eeeeeeeeeeevil additives

      J.J. ShankJ.J. ShankÅr sedan
  • cody try glass blowing your own canning jars (p.s. obsidian canning jars would be the bomb)

    bob smithbob smithÅr sedan
  • 3:46 Tin Cutting ASMR

    Dead JokeDead JokeÅr sedan
  • Give it to Steve from MRE Info

    Hyun SeoHyun SeoÅr sedan
  • Nice hiss

    The MurphThe MurphÅr sedan
  • Nice hiss

    goose183goose183År sedan
  • I totally agree with ya, the tin gives the peaches 🍑 flavor!

    Jeanetta LeeJeanetta LeeÅr sedan
  • Any chance the pliers you used to crimp it embedded the area that went gray with a catalyst?

    mikebarnaclemikebarnacleÅr sedan
  • i had no idea that tin did that in low temps, wow.

    CruzCruzÅr sedan
  • 5:04

    Funny FishFunny FishÅr sedan
  • I wonder why it turned like that The tin clouded the water? And so the beans rotted kinda too?

    Aaron• HighcloudAaron• HighcloudÅr sedan
  • Cody your should can onions, they'll save you from the yellow spotted lizards

    Do TechDo TechÅr sedan
  • 3:41 no hiss

    MrDendorMrDendorÅr sedan
    • 5:30 nice hiss

      MrDendorMrDendorÅr sedan
  • cin tan

    flireferretflireferretÅr sedan
  • Re-pack the beans in a new tin and send them to Steve1989MREInfo in about thirty years. He'll get them out onto a tray.

    gorlack2231gorlack2231År sedan
  • No hiss?

    Banjo BearBanjo BearÅr sedan
  • Love the spork!

    Derek RedgateDerek RedgateÅr sedan
  • definitely eating he beans off camera

    Andrew HannaAndrew HannaÅr sedan
  • Don't they normally add something like asorbic acid (citric acid) or similar as a preservative to canned fruit? Maybe that's why the taste is different?

    tensazerotensazeroÅr sedan
  • Let's get this out onto a tray. Nice! Wait wrong video

    Geoff PlaysGeoff PlaysÅr sedan
  • Eat different foods and chemicals and do a semen popsicle taste test for science

    Simon BanksSimon Banks2 år sedan
  • Cody looking more and more like Ian Mccollum every day

    Big ChoochBig Chooch2 år sedan
  • You should make a video about tin whiskers! I recently learned that they are a thing and found it really fascinating!

    ThorinairThorinair2 år sedan
  • Going to vomit ( :P Just joke ;) !

    István FrankIstván Frank2 år sedan
  • Did the beans go bad because you canned them for 10 minutes instead of 20?

    thecatthecat2 år sedan
  • Send the green beans to steve1989mreinfo

    Electronic AdventuresElectronic Adventures2 år sedan