Wax From Honey

I recover honey and beeswax from some old crushed comb that not all the honey dripped out of.
Link to 2nd channel video: secrone.info/video/lrh4dtSlkKaqa9k/video.html
link to crushing the comb: secrone.info/video/lZKWobmSfGl2fdU/video.html
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  • i am never eating chocolate again... i will stick with cody's honey xD

    space tech101space tech10114 dagar sedan
  • Could you do an explainer video of bees? I’ve watched practically all of your videos(that are still on here lol) and much of the “bee lingo” goes right over my head. Such as: brood comb, swarming, etc. I think it would be awesome to see you make a video of you explaining how bees do everything that they, amazingly, do. Thanks for all the awesome content!

    Justin HutylerJustin HutylerMånad sedan
  • Гучи

    Никита ХанзадеевНикита ХанзадеевMånad sedan
  • “Wax is bee fat by the way” what a horrifying revelation

    Noel HannNoel Hann2 månader sedan
  • The ajar hockey acromegaly scare because advertisement subjectively screw at a rainy joseph. materialistic, valuable hand

    Evalyn KirkpatrickEvalyn Kirkpatrick2 månader sedan
  • No mead we makin honey wine

    Christian MendozaChristian Mendoza2 månader sedan
  • That hair on this finger really bothered me...

    Justin RowslerrJustin Rowslerr2 månader sedan
  • 0:00 This music looks like a remix of the EIC theme in DarkOrbit

    POLARISPOLARIS2 månader sedan
  • A

    NoteNote2 månader sedan
  • W-wait You shouldn't feed an infant with honey?.. Me and all of my brothers used to ate honey all the time when we were an infant.

    Tobi PohanTobi Pohan2 månader sedan
  • why do i want to eat the wax

    Glad BRGlad BR2 månader sedan
  • Wait,this video isn't about wax from horny?

    Ketchup DesuKetchup Desu2 månader sedan
  • Cody, I gotta say, throughout a lot of your videos from getting honey and bees wax to jarring peaches to composting, you've actually managed to convince me to start learning to do all of this stuff. Composting any food scraps I have, grow a garden, take care of bees not just to help pollinate local flowers and such but to get fresh homemade honey, and to start jarring my own food to bring with me placed instead of just bringing some frozen meal. Some of this I'll have to wait until I get my own house, but some I can start on as soon as I get the materials. I'm pretty excited

    Won TonWon Ton2 månader sedan
  • tought was a block of Hash smh

    Who's the VictimWho's the Victim2 månader sedan
  • The advantages of owning a farm.

    Matej VidovicMatej Vidovic2 månader sedan
  • SEcrone randomness.

    James YoungJames Young2 månader sedan
  • So does this mean that in order to extract the wax you need to destroy the honey's natural nutrients?

    Anthony OrtizAnthony Ortiz2 månader sedan
  • If you eat straight up honey Hive it is tastier than anything you will ever eat and wax becomes like chewing gum

    Tabish RahmanTabish Rahman2 månader sedan
  • Ahhh, daily dose of recommendations.

    Gertryyd GGertryyd G2 månader sedan

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  • You should spellcheck your titles.

    Andrei CalciuAndrei Calciu2 månader sedan
  • My thoughts watching this video: 1) i really need to clean my ears 2) there's like a 50% chance he'd filled the double boiler with mercury instead of water. 3) i bet bees don't get overweight if they can just excrete their fat. 4) nobody will ever see this 5) if I do this three times can I make a beeswax pickaxe?

    Greg BakerGreg Baker2 månader sedan
  • Unusually satisfied by the wax "ingot"

    Lets just behaveLets just behave2 månader sedan
  • "Sep'a'rating."

    Frank LesserFrank Lesser2 månader sedan
  • Try melting it trough a strainer next time, instant filtering

    Henrik BjørnstadHenrik Bjørnstad2 månader sedan
  • Those look like some wild dabs man

    Luh FocLuh Foc2 månader sedan
  • anyone else screaming internally because hes touching stuff with honey on his hands

    Pigbelly19 ‘Pigbelly19 ‘2 månader sedan
  • Ah, the wonderful diabetic goodness that is nutritious flavoured sugar.

    Marie LoiseauMarie Loiseau2 månader sedan
  • I asked myself this question yestersay and low and behold youtube recommended it. . . wierd

    I'm A GarlicI'm A Garlic2 månader sedan
  • This looks like something you can eat for breakfast..

    Das Redd MaestroDas Redd Maestro2 månader sedan
  • Thanks for posting Cody, I've learned a lot and appreciate your content, keep up the great work! I wish there were more people like yourself in the world.

    David LotheringtonDavid Lotherington2 månader sedan
  • we like you because you are the pioneer scientist kind of deal, it adds to your whole deal

    Louis Vanden BrouckeLouis Vanden Broucke2 månader sedan
  • Im drunk

    Gavin EmeryGavin Emery2 månader sedan
  • Mmm moth cocoon soup. Very sanitary moms basement special

    Squid BladeSquid Blade2 månader sedan
  • So.... You could have done this in maybe one-three days of heating and setting. And you left it in your (parents') basement for a few years? Lazy person recognizes similar person!

    Status:Status:2 månader sedan
  • Uses names for chemical reactions with no explanation, but then goes into a description of a common double-boiler. Thanks for being insulting to the audience.

    Madbiker WolfMadbiker Wolf2 månader sedan
  • You ever try to make any lip balm out of that wax? I think that would be fun to do.

    Dustin OlsenDustin Olsen3 månader sedan
  • Darkorbit music?

    NagnooniNagnooni3 månader sedan
  • 8:20 yes bc hard candy is perfect for infants!

    James WalkerJames Walker3 månader sedan
  • 7:50 let alone the fact that honey is literally regurgitated flower nectar.

    Rafael SantosRafael Santos3 månader sedan
  • Thanks for ruining chocolate forever

    MagoogersMagoogers3 månader sedan
  • Can I eat the wax?

    Startoken Extra!Startoken Extra!5 månader sedan
    • @Shirokröte ok thank you

      Startoken Extra!Startoken Extra!5 månader sedan
    • Bees wax is harmless but you will get constipated if you eat too much. Raw honeycomb is actually delicious, you do feel the wax on the toilet a few while later.

      ShirokröteShirokröte5 månader sedan
  • The best way to clean wax is to slow boil in water..the gunk gets picked up by the water and you do it in many stages .

    David HarrisDavid Harris6 månader sedan
  • Send take several examples of both and put them to real wood climate changes and see what lasts the longest and why

    blue 47 Bkblue 47 Bk6 månader sedan
  • I'm trying to see what's the difference between petrification and momma vacation

    blue 47 Bkblue 47 Bk6 månader sedan
  • I was wondering do you know or know anyone that can petrify a small rodent I'm doing it for a project

    blue 47 Bkblue 47 Bk6 månader sedan
  • god i just want to bite into it

    Chris SChris S6 månader sedan

    Door TeaDoor Tea6 månader sedan
  • I could use that bees wax for my leather work

    Johnny BaughmanJohnny Baughman6 månader sedan
  • I still can't get over the fact "seperating" is spelled wrong

    ridarida6 månader sedan
  • it's 40 mins to my choir, what am i even doing

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  • Anyone 2020?

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  • Separating*

    ishish6 månader sedan
  • SEcrone: ok so you like bees now

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  • Winner the pooh scream intensifies*

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  • 2020 Crew

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  • bro just eat the entire block, it’s what I do

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  • ty bro

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  • Fact: nobody search for this

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  • Can you eat the yellow thing called bees wax in his vid?

    Phrog PhrogPhrog Phrog6 månader sedan
  • me- *no prior interest in bees or honey.* youtube- "wanna watch a dude separate wax from honey?' me- "FUCK YEAH BRO!!!"

    james askeyjames askey6 månader sedan
  • Why separate it just eat it

    Jose PalaciosJose Palacios6 månader sedan
  • Separating wax from honey - 1.2m ppl Y E S

    Generalpotato VidsGeneralpotato Vids6 månader sedan
  • Why did the wax look good

    I Am ParadoxI Am Paradox6 månader sedan
  • why did I watch this

    bird Levesquebird Levesque6 månader sedan
  • I don't think this is gross at all... this is fascinating. Where do I start with bees?

    goodtimecharliegoodtimecharlie6 månader sedan
  • SEcrone: *Yeah this seems about right.*

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  • hi cody i saw you comment on a psych2go post. u okay?

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  • You got a new subscriber.

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  • me just thinking i clicked on a old video

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  • Lmao so random recommendations

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  • I love honey, just recently I bought a bottle of honey from a farmer, ate a tablespoon and my lungs were all clogged and I was coughing the whole day. Would it be allergy, or maybe bad filtered honey or something? I never had it before.

    Jeroen WJeroen W6 månader sedan
  • thanks youtube i guess...

    KnightBot NKnightBot N6 månader sedan
  • Gilgamesh cosmological. Creation theory, heh? A video from your perspective would be excellent.

    Keith MalloryKeith Mallory6 månader sedan
  • Ha literal beeswax

    Cam mcmCam mcm6 månader sedan
  • 2:21

    Demonic Clorox BleachDemonic Clorox Bleach6 månader sedan
  • yeah okay youtube I'll watch it

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  • I m p o s s i b l e

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  • Anyone else get this aggressively recommended to them?

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  • Person 1:what’s in this video? Person 2:none of your beeswax.

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  • Can you imaging this video with the song "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"?

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  • looks like rice krispys

    Water DogWater Dog6 månader sedan
  • Take a bite.

    Illogical ThinkingIllogical Thinking6 månader sedan
  • He kind of sounds like Ryan Higa

    Peter XiongPeter Xiong6 månader sedan
  • Kinda found this incredibly useless cause you just crushed the comb. The practicality of this is almost zero lmao. Extracting honey shouldn't be that complicated unless you do that dumb shit.

    nene d_masternene d_master6 månader sedan
  • "seperating wax from honey" 1.2M people: *_INTERESTING..._*

    Akapulko06Akapulko066 månader sedan
    • Shutup you unoriginal bii- atch

      Coffee GroundsCoffee Grounds6 månader sedan
    • shut up just shut your mouth no one cares

      Tace_ NomercyTace_ Nomercy6 månader sedan
  • 6:00 smelting wax ingots

    Mike MMike M6 månader sedan
  • roses are red violets are blue imagine liking your comment wait, why is mine blue?

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  • I literally know what's gonna happen, but it still looks satisfying

    MaTrixoMaTrixo6 månader sedan
  • You can't make meat from honey...lol.

    TransgenderificTransgenderific6 månader sedan
  • You make a B L O C K of W A X

    Nicolas HernandezNicolas Hernandez6 månader sedan
  • I thought was hash

    Fedo FendyFedo Fendy6 månader sedan
  • Any body else see the wax (at the start) think it looks like a nice biscuit or sommet lol

    Troy BoothTroy Booth6 månader sedan
  • I wish I could poop fat out my body like a bee ☹️

    okaudalpusokaudalpus6 månader sedan
  • Literally not one person looked this up. I'm not mad, just surprised.

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    • I did, Just got my hands on a hive lol

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    • the sad thing is, I did. No, I am not planning on doing this, just very very very bored..

      Poka DotsPoka Dots5 månader sedan
    • @とても美しい山羊 I guarantee you didn't.

      Rude DolphinRude Dolphin6 månader sedan
    • My mother said the same Expect the surprised was disappointed

      Mighty PurpleliciousMighty Purplelicious6 månader sedan
  • how old are you? well you're obviusly beekeeping age

    Ivan AdriazolaIvan Adriazola6 månader sedan
  • I know it’s an old video so responses are iffy, but does anyone know if you could remove the honey without pasturizing it, say by forcing it through a very fine mesh?

    Patrick CharettePatrick Charette6 månader sedan
  • oh. actual bee honey. and natural wax. yeahhhhh not what i was thinking.

    Jon DohJon Doh6 månader sedan
  • Ill come back someday when youtube randomly recommends me this

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    • that day is today

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    • Me too

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    • Well guess what just happened

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    • Im already back for the 4th time

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    • Thats what I thought when this video came out

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  • why am i here

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