Cody’s Carboniferous Terarium

I build a terrarium with conditions present on earth over 300 million years ago.
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  • it should be noted that you reproduced late Carboniferous period.

    Matthew CristMatthew Crist2 år sedan
    • @Dorian Terrell Trying it out now. Looks promising :)

      Fernando WinstonFernando WinstonMånad sedan
    • 4:16

      James LarroweJames Larrowe9 månader sedan
    • @Cody'sLab Can we have an update? Would you do this in a bigger environment if you found a bigger jar? I'm keen to seen what a few generations of insects would look like been born and raised in this environment.

      Ross BakerRoss Baker11 månader sedan
    • Can you show us the results after 1 year?? Thank you

      NietoNietoÅr sedan
    • @Cody'sLab is this still going and alive!?

      Pat RickPat RickÅr sedan
  • I've learned so much from these videos over the years. Cody is one of the very best youtubers imo. Would make an excellent earth sciences teacher

    Robert S. ReillyRobert S. Reilly2 dagar sedan
  • I wish I could be in discord with you so I could discuss my outrageous idea with you that pertain to some of your experiments

    HighYellow BishHighYellow Bish14 dagar sedan
  • wears gloves. pressurizes with breath

    Jimothy BlumbergJimothy Blumberg27 dagar sedan
  • Makes you think what if we are just in a terrarium of a very big hobbyist (literaly)

    ANYTHING 'ANYTHING 'Månad sedan
  • cody slab

    R0ck3t_101R0ck3t_101Månad sedan
  • how do you test for oxygen level? Or CO2 level? A couple of times I have made enclosed ecosystems. Once I use river algae and beta, which also had many copepods. Another time I try to simulate both aerobic and anaerobic ecosystems to create a stable enclosed environment. I think the best method would be a slow drip down through many feet of soil, and then just return the water to the upper tank or lake area. It seems a large amount of anaerobic is required to support an aerobic ecosystem. without the constant anaerobic flow, even one fish will fill the tank with Poo. so it's important to have enough area for the bacteria to consume the air breathing waste. I wonder how that works in the carboniferus.

    Timothy SheridanTimothy SheridanMånad sedan
  • Wait! So coal, oil, and other fossil fuels are renewable? Holy cow it almost seems like the power source for the future. It also lowers carbon dioxide and increases oxygen totally debunking the climate change hoax being pushed as of present?

    Rueben MikochRueben MikochMånad sedan
  • any update on this ? :)

    Stian FiskStian Fisk2 månader sedan
    • Yes he's made one!

      WaterismyfavouritefoodWaterismyfavouritefood2 månader sedan
  • What made the carboniferious work was the high levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. The end of that epoch sees the Carboniferous Rainforest Collapse when the CO2 levels dropped because the carcon was tied up in being turned into coal.

    Hoppish 08Hoppish 082 månader sedan
  • i think you should put some spiders in there

    panzermaster walkerpanzermaster walker3 månader sedan
  • this is sooooooooooooo good!

    panzermaster walkerpanzermaster walker3 månader sedan
  • What would happen if the oxygen levels were less than atmosphere? Would the plants die off due to lack of oxygen or simply grow smaller in order to adapt to a more sustainable size?

    Tony reptilesRfriendsTony reptilesRfriends3 månader sedan
  • Cody, I only discovered you about 2 days ago and I've been on a bender watching your completely bonkers yet wonderful videos. You're such a delight to watch and I love your content, please keep making more weird and awesome things happen, as cool as your experiments are I think I actually watch it for you! Anyway would love an update on this terrarium too. Many thanks and best wishes from New Zealand :)

    GraceGrace3 månader sedan
  • you should do another time period bottle, that would be so cool

    Zbionix / Caleb H.Zbionix / Caleb H.4 månader sedan
  • The fault in the plants died and stacked up to make coal is the idea that they could actually stack up in a bed thick enough to be compressed and turned into coal. Take a look around the world at the thickest jungle and tell me or show me any spot that could turn into coal. You just don't find it.

    Shakdi DagalimalShakdi Dagalimal4 månader sedan
  • Springtails aren't as cute when you find them in the wall behind your shower :p

    Kent HenryKent Henry4 månader sedan
  • Others: let's make a terarium. Cody: let's make a carbonated terarium

    sameersameer4 månader sedan
  • Welcome to Carboniferous Park!

    Leebo McClellandLeebo McClelland4 månader sedan
  • It's almost time for that 2 year update!

    Matt DMatt D4 månader sedan
  • 3:40 very interesting point!! we actually do have fungi which can digest plastics though.

    Alyssa ReederAlyssa Reeder5 månader sedan
  • What would you call your grabber tool?

    greendogwaxgreendogwax5 månader sedan
  • Your Jurassic park has chickens but im australian, emus and causeries are terrifying. Im just glad they arnt raptors. They dont wanna kill us but they will if they have too.

    Craig MerryfullCraig Merryfull5 månader sedan
  • I think you really need a volcano in it to make it right.

    michael paulissenmichael paulissen5 månader sedan
  • Could do the same with Helium?

    ScopolaminScopolamin5 månader sedan
  • 60% of the coal I pick up around my neighborhood in Turtle Creek Pennsylvania is around 305 to 300 million years old and had fossils of planets and the other 40% of it is fossilized ash from forest fires that burned the swamps. Now the shale rock all has fossils of plants all around this area. I called the museum and they said from 320 to 295 million years ago this was a swamp. Now coal formed between 318 to 298 in the period called the Pennsylvanian from 328 to 298 million years ago. I love history

    JimboJimbo5 månader sedan
  • I hope cody purged his torch handle before putting the o2 in.

    CharakCharak5 månader sedan
  • This is no different than the world we live in. We live under a solid dome firmament. We live in an enclosed system. Space is fake. Earth is flat.

    dsdw30dsdw305 månader sedan
  • I wonder how it's doing.

    GamerVetGamerVet6 månader sedan
  • How did your terrarium experiment turn out? Update please :)

    Christy SchmidtChristy Schmidt6 månader sedan
  • only things you're missing are isoetales trees and more lycopodium and tree ferns

    SumiSuneSumiSune6 månader sedan
  • Update

    gert rudegert rude6 månader sedan
  • ​@UCu6mSoMNzHQiBIOCkHUa2Aw any updates on terrarium? Did it survive?

    Lyuben DeninskiLyuben Deninski6 månader sedan
  • You're awesome Cody! Love your videos. I started following you when you signed up for the Mars project. I showed your audition video to my 8th grade Science students.

    Ed ReevesEd Reeves6 månader sedan
  • any follow up on this?

    Aidan ProcterAidan Procter6 månader sedan
  • welcome to 2020, when shall there be an update?

    HappyCrying CatHappyCrying Cat6 månader sedan
  • "Keeping the PH more towards the neutral end" The PH-scale has (as you certainly know) a base and an acidic end, the neutral is the middle part, not the end. Just thought it was funny... :D Cool project, plz do not put in the snails. :)

    Dutchy McDutchface, BscDutchy McDutchface, Bsc6 månader sedan
  • is there an update?

    merplocmerploc6 månader sedan
  • You should do an update video on this one

    Nick LewisNick Lewis6 månader sedan
  • Google's creepiness strikes again. I spend a while today searching info on closed terrariums on another browser but same google user logged in, so of course I get this in youtube recommendations.

    DraugoDraugo6 månader sedan
  • you should do an update on if the bugs grew bigger

    blookyblooky6 månader sedan
  • Very nice video 👌😊.

    Weston FurmanWeston Furman6 månader sedan
  • 'a' is pronounced as in Ago Anew Again Learn and repeat 1000x. Wot's with this ay ay bollux?

    Adam MeekAdam Meek6 månader sedan
  • Update please!

    TwihoTwiho6 månader sedan
  • No part 2 = everything died?

    JoeJoe6 månader sedan
  • And here I am getting pissed off when dirt and bugs and plants get in my old bottles I store outside,... *: )*

    Advocate For A TYT CanadaAdvocate For A TYT Canada6 månader sedan
  • I just subbed up to your channel. Check out my boys SEcrone videos electric unicycles sliders gliders ✌️

    electric unicycles sliders gliderselectric unicycles sliders gliders7 månader sedan
  • Its been almost two years since the day of creation Hope is lost If the terrarium is dead or not going to have an update is fine, but we need answers

    Lucas RománLucas Román7 månader sedan
  • You should breed Giant Pill bugs

    RompetRompet7 månader sedan
  • *cue chicken footage* "They do move in herds..."

    Alexander YamadaAlexander Yamada7 månader sedan
  • Update?

    VieledspyVieledspy7 månader sedan
  • Whatever happened to this, was there ever an update (as stated @ 18:10) on the findings? is it still functional?

  • How dose it look now?

    iWi StudiosiWi Studios7 månader sedan
  • Ideonella sakaiensis we now have a bacteria that digests plastic just as they had bacteria that digested lignin

    Cole GouletCole Goulet7 månader sedan
  • Update please :)

    Jacek OrzełJacek Orzeł7 månader sedan
  • I love you videos Cody

    HMTDHMTD7 månader sedan
  • Becoming a god

    Grateful PianistGrateful Pianist7 månader sedan
  • This is great is there an update?

    Science ExplainedScience Explained7 månader sedan
    • Haha don't have a good time

      Science ExplainedScience Explained7 månader sedan
  • Cody, if you still have this terrarium, I would love to see an update video. It has been almost 2 years and I would like to know if the spring tales have gotten larger.

    TopsonTopson7 månader sedan
  • someone needs to try and make an entire room that replicates this environment

    Luke WashingtonLuke Washington8 månader sedan
  • Basic B’s be like “uhhhh that’s a turkey?”

    Vsauce MikàlVsauce Mikàl8 månader sedan
  • I remember the day this came out. I have been checking periodically ever since to see if he will ever update us.

    Big LittleBig Little8 månader sedan
  • Can you create a pressurized terrarium to see the effects? Like 4 atmospheres.

    Anôn ImoAnôn Imo8 månader sedan
  • hi, you can do a follow up video?

    Iacob LaurentiuIacob Laurentiu8 månader sedan
  • Cody is a god, creator of worlds 🤯

  • If i keep this for long time, will there be little human at some point??

    al pacinoal pacino8 månader sedan
    • In a few billion years

      Big LittleBig Little8 månader sedan
  • Any update on this Cody?

    مخلص النهرمخلص النهر8 månader sedan
  • How about soil companion fungi?

    pleappleappleappleappleappleap9 månader sedan
  • Updates?

    AngelmouAngelmou9 månader sedan
  • Cody it’s been a year! Video?

    Eld3s blu313Eld3s blu3139 månader sedan
  • Where is the update.

    Jami VirtanenJami Virtanen9 månader sedan
  • 4:30 😂😂😂👀

    Harry LOLHarry LOL9 månader sedan
  • Any chances of an update Cody?

    Shaun ThomasShaun Thomas9 månader sedan
  • They DO travel in herds...

    Definitely not a NASA agentDefinitely not a NASA agent9 månader sedan
  • i want an update

    pratt stickpratt stick9 månader sedan
  • Can we get an update on this project

    Decent CupidDecent Cupid9 månader sedan
  • Cody, what's with carboniferous garden? this was so cute an idea!

    Oleg LogvynenkoOleg Logvynenko9 månader sedan
  • can we get an update to ever?

    AkaryusanAkaryusan9 månader sedan
  • I always liked your creative ways of spelling out your name

    T0T4Ly_No0bT0T4Ly_No0b9 månader sedan
  • Update on this brother?

    Maurick MolinaMaurick Molina10 månader sedan
  • So when are you going to do an update on this bottle and see if it held in there and is still growing?

    Erik OlsbyErik Olsby10 månader sedan
  • So, how's the terrarium going?

    Ionut NedelcuIonut Nedelcu10 månader sedan
  • Mantap

    Jenderal ThanosJenderal Thanos10 månader sedan
  • Hope that update comes soon

    bleh whateverbleh whatever10 månader sedan
  • I can’t wait to see a continuation of this

    Thomas The Crunk EngineThomas The Crunk Engine10 månader sedan
  • I can’t believe people actually believe in this evolution crap. Yes natural selection happens, but it selects from what is already present in the genome. Either strengthening expression of already existing genes or deregulating them. Mutations leading to brand new functions have not been Documented or witnessed by any branch of science. Fossilization is almost non-existent nowadays because of the environmental requirements, but in the past organisms were sorted based on density, mobility and intelligence. We find clams at the bottom because they hardly move and we find birds at the top because they obviously fly and their bones are hollow. I would offer a counter explanation, but it’s equally as religious as believing that nothing (literary) exploded and created everything that evolved into what we see today.

    GioGuitarDudeGioGuitarDude10 månader sedan
  • Carboniferous in a bottle you gotta ru... nvm

    Sasha SouleSasha Soule10 månader sedan
  • this is how someone made our universe

    prakash ananthaprakash anantha11 månader sedan
  • Any updates Cody?

    Figg_Figg_11 månader sedan
  • When will we get a followup on the Carboniferous In a Bottle?

    Scott MScott M11 månader sedan
  • Is there a followup video?

    foiabun1foiabun111 månader sedan
  • bruh it be cody slab

    WolvzUnionWolvzUnion11 månader sedan
  • May 2020 what about an update? Any anaconda sized millipedes, yet?

    SombornSomborn11 månader sedan
  • Any updates on this?

    Rafael OliveiraRafael Oliveira11 månader sedan
  • Awesome!

    Bob FelsBob Fels11 månader sedan
  • I remember a Creationist who was collecting money to build the world's biggest hyperbaric chamber in which he was going to raise lizards, and when they grew up to be dinosaurs, that would prove Darwin was wrong because reasons. I did wonder why he didn't start small with just a commercial rescue chamber for divers. It would be plenty big enough for a couple of skink eggs to hatch and grow three feet long, and then they could be humanely killed by CO2 and dissected. Positive results would have been enough to get funding for a larger chamber.

    John BurtJohn Burt11 månader sedan

    [GD] kryen 4[GD] kryen 411 månader sedan
  • How does the charcoal effect the pH? All the sources I found online say used charcoal (burnt charcoal) raises the pH. But what about un-burnt ch charcoal?

    wcdeich4wcdeich411 månader sedan
  • Cody s lab my favourite channel

    Shakir KhanShakir Khan11 månader sedan
  • Update ?

    RDMrusherRDMrusherÅr sedan