Making Grey Tin (tin pest)

I take some metallic (white) tin, cool it off, and it converted to the grey allotrope.
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  • Is it possible to use tin powder for stannous Chloride solution?

    Sari KareemSari KareemMånad sedan
  • The most interesting thing I did for high school science was do the red cabbage pH test. I would have done anything for an actual experiment, not just lighting soap bubbles on fire like I'm 10

    Bong JoviBong Jovi2 månader sedan
  • dashie approves of the little saying on the wall in the intro.

    RaptorNX01RaptorNX012 månader sedan
  • This is pretty interesting. I put a glass ampule containing 10 grams of 99.99% tin in the freezer many years ago, it took only a year or so to completely turn into powder. Then I left it untouched, until I saw this video. From what I can tell, it's now an even finer powder than what I remember it to be. I guess the transition was still ongoing in the past few years when I'm not watching.

    管笑天管笑天3 månader sedan
  • It's like mercury if mercury could mercury mercury.

    SovietandScotsmanSovietandScotsman3 månader sedan
  • Kim Jong Un owns the same know how about iron. The reaction is fast and not stoppable. And he will spray it over San Diego.

    Wilfried SchulerWilfried Schuler4 månader sedan
    • Of course nothing bad will happen. The Navy must just remelt the destroyed ships to get steel ingots again. So, no problem.

      Wilfried SchulerWilfried Schuler4 månader sedan
  • He's wearing a gravity falls shirt. You have good taste.

    Burnt Chicken NuggetBurnt Chicken Nugget5 månader sedan
  • Oh my lawd I just looked at the sub count and I was expecting like 200k because the last time I looked at it was at like 5k, but 1.88mil? Congratulations Cody! I now feel old tho.

    Dan kochDan koch5 månader sedan
  • My sample of tin is finally transforming....4 years later.

    Max SoloMax Solo6 månader sedan
  • electronics nightmare

    Unknown1Unknown111 månader sedan
  • perfect opportunity missed at 4:20 to say "tingot"

    Bolorbold AriguunBolorbold Ariguun11 månader sedan
  • Tjin

    Alex BrewerAlex BrewerÅr sedan
  • I have another idea on how to make a metallic tin powder: take a piece of tin, apply a file, and voilá you have tin powder!

    RursusRursusÅr sedan
  • 2020 anybody?

    TehArgentoTehArgentoÅr sedan
  • He's so young. But it was only 3 years ago

    Ckc dillpickleCkc dillpickleÅr sedan
  • How to separate 1-tin mixed lead 2-Lead mixed mercury How to refin

    Rakesh RRakesh RÅr sedan
  • "It can live on this rock next to the potato" Cody'sLab 2016

    Entity UnknownEntity UnknownÅr sedan
  • Nice

    Kamal KamalKamal KamalÅr sedan
  • Make a peltier cooler. You can thereby go really low temp. Tjek it out on youtube. And thereby make your gray stuf in no time

    180degrees 180degrees180degrees 180degreesÅr sedan
  • Is it possible to make larger crystals of grey tin? Could it be crystallized from something like mercury or would it just crystallize as white tin?

    Max McCormickMax McCormickÅr sedan
  • so did the grey tin turn back into white tin in room temperature eventually?

    eric lineric lin2 år sedan
  • 5:40 Mr. Stark, I don't feel so good...

    Audrey and RemingtonAudrey and Remington2 år sedan
  • “Here on Cody’s Lab, we now learn how heroine is made and what it feels like. “ *TURNS INTO A VSAUCE VIDEO*

    Armymonster Deus Vult.Armymonster Deus Vult.2 år sedan
  • I just read in the german Wikipedia that tin pest occurs "under 15°C". To transform diamond into graphite you have to heat it. Is it possible that you have to keep the tin as warm as possible under 15°C? 'Activation energy'

    Gustav GnöttgenGustav Gnöttgen2 år sedan
  • Stainless doesn't contaminate the tin?

    Edgar Macza-shelstadEdgar Macza-shelstad2 år sedan
  • "So here it is, my little baggie of product." *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* FBI OPEN UP

    CosmicCosmic2 år sedan
  • I love your enthusiasm for your experiments. You make me wish I paid more attention in chemistry

    Geo MondialeGeo Mondiale2 år sedan
  • My section is tin haha

    Jeon JungkookieJeon Jungkookie2 år sedan
  • he's. wearing. a. Gravity. Falls. Tee. shirt. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    FantoonsticFantoonstic2 år sedan
  • SmartzeneggerSmartzenegger2 år sedan
  • Eh... I made a little thing in copper and something to solder on it (I don’t remember). That thing has been outside for years (exposed to everything) and when I took it inside and cleaned it the tin that still was left was grey... I accidentally made tin pest

    tatps alttatps alt2 år sedan
  • Just like gallium solidifying. If u put 1 tiny drop of gallium in cold water, it wouldn’t solidify till it touches solid gallium

    FrostedMantisFrostedMantis2 år sedan
  • Damn it... I forgot how to be awesome.. Thanks for the reminder Cody!

    B. McAllisterB. McAllister2 år sedan
  • Gravity Falls!

    Kevin J. LoosKevin J. Loos2 år sedan
  • Hey look at me I’m mr. Meseeks!

    J MJ M2 år sedan
  • Hey Einstein, figure out a way to a new invention or process. make millions instead of living in your parents basement! lol

    Frankie KnucklesFrankie Knuckles2 år sedan
  • I seriously wish that I had your skill set. I envy you, Cody! :)

    Wesley GrayWesley Gray2 år sedan
  • and when i tried to melt it, it turned into dust and just became what you saw here....

    The Crude LabThe Crude Lab2 år sedan
  • i can never get past the foamy tin area to the nice metalic branches of tin -_-' probably coz i have used a 6v battery instead of a dc power source...

    The Crude LabThe Crude Lab2 år sedan
  • if i could live on a rock next to a potato... i don't know how I'd feel about my life, honestly.

    NovaPlumNovaPlum2 år sedan
  • ah i see you enjoy gravity falls as well

    KurgKurg2 år sedan
  • the spread of the grey tin into the white tin looks like the growth of some horrific disease.

    eternal8songeternal8song2 år sedan
  • Lol you have the same exact toaster as me.

    coviekiller5coviekiller53 år sedan
  • That moment when you notice his gravity falls shirt

    Vivi mannequinVivi mannequin3 år sedan
  • "A piece of tin I had made in my high school chemistry class..." See now if my classes were like that instead of just balancing equations endlessly, perhaps I would have enjoyed it. Maybe then it would be ME flushing mercury down toilets and eating indium cookies.

    SiCKenzSiCKenz3 år sedan
  • Cody has an exit sign in his house😂

    Generic First nameGeneric First name3 år sedan
  • I like his shirt

    Tech PriestTech Priest3 år sedan
  • Whoa! You used electrolysis in your chemistry class?

    RethemintRethemint3 år sedan
  • cool

    The three-eyed ProphetThe three-eyed Prophet3 år sedan
  • Cody, you realize that when someone finds a spoon lying around your place with burn marks on it, they're not going to believe you when you say you were using it to melt tin, right?

    Craig BlantonCraig Blanton3 år sedan
  • Well if got an experiment for you: take tin add grey tin and put it into a Vakuum Chamber. Maybe it would be turning fast into grey tin. Because it seams like the tin would be pressure sensitive as well

    Mantis 04Mantis 043 år sedan
  • So beautiful! Thanks.

    John L BalesJohn L Bales3 år sedan
  • takes him 5 years to make, changes it back. classic cody

    Troy DuricaTroy Durica3 år sedan
  • I opened a corsair flash traveler usb key and i was asking myself what is the grey residue falling!! I know now!! BTW the key still working but the pcb is loose from the frame, i was to resolder this.

    f4tboy99f4tboy993 år sedan
  • I got a 50 second unskippable ad for legal steroids before the video wtf

    zrtaylor23zrtaylor233 år sedan
  • Cody must be one of the few who uses water distiller for distilling water.

    Hrnek BezuchaHrnek Bezucha3 år sedan
  • Hey cody is that the clothes from gravity falls

  • How bout a short circuit control box that could be used on head phones

    NoLove JonesNoLove Jones3 år sedan
  • Can I get an explanation of allotropes? I know a bit about white, red and black phosphorus and now gray tin, but I don't know how they actually work.

    ClippedWings22ClippedWings223 år sedan
  • If only Napoleon's had taken as long as you did to make tin pest (with your zinc or iron contamination)... they might have managed to invade Russia. :/ (oh... I got that from Arthur's video!!! Don't sound as clever as I thought now, do I?)

    edgeeffectedgeeffect3 år sedan
  • gravity fallss shirt nice

    GalaxyCatGalaxyCat3 år sedan
  • you named your little ingot Cody Slab, thats adorable. xD

    WargenWargen3 år sedan
  • Please don't record in that room with that mic again. Need lavaliere mic

    Jay PearceJay Pearce3 år sedan
  • Try to mix gold platinum and silver to make a astroid

    KingAlex21 ΔΔΔKingAlex21 ΔΔΔ3 år sedan
  • Why is it that, much more than the cold temperature, the presence of "grey tin" aided so strongly in making more of it? It almost seems "disease-like," and I assume that's where the name "tin pest" comes from?! Are there any other applications for this besides your stannous solution? Do you have a use for it, or was it more curiosity that drove you? Thanks Cody .. I don't have a physics or chemistry background, but your videos are really interesting for laypeople! Cheers!

    BadHabitMarcoBadHabitMarco3 år sedan
  • Is the mentioned stanis? Cloride the same as tincloride?

    Arved -Arved -3 år sedan
  • After watching your videos for a few months I've actually got very interested in chemistry and I can't wait for a chemistry class. I love your vodd

    FlexingGymPandaFlexingGymPanda3 år sedan
    • Vids

      FlexingGymPandaFlexingGymPanda3 år sedan
  • So it's kinda the tin version of (fictional) ice-nine?

    Steven ClarkSteven Clark3 år sedan
  • You know who wouldn't approve of this video? Puritans. I'll see myself out

    Ben MorrisBen Morris3 år sedan
  • The internet lied to me! Grey tin doesnt happen quickly, I just misplaced the tin in my shed.

    TnT FoXTnT FoX3 år sedan
  • I love Nile reds videos Yes this is Cody’s lab Still I like his videos and mentioned

    Imagine ExistanceImagine Existance3 år sedan
  • Makes his own tin. Buys distilled water at a grocery store. BTW How does this compare to zinc pest and do you know some way to stop it?

    1978garfield1978garfield3 år sedan
  • Cody made a special product and melted it in a spoon

    Emmit UnderwoodEmmit Underwood3 år sedan
  • Clickbait title: IT TOOK ME FIVE YEARS TO MAKE... THIS???

    darian browndarian brown3 år sedan
  • what's the electricall properties of this form of tin? can it be a semiconductor?

    drspasticdrspastic3 år sedan
  • no it says cody slab

    The Crude LabThe Crude Lab3 år sedan
  • Interesting....years ago I seem to remember someone telling me a story about during the war, the Nazi's pursued the Russian's back north, and as it got cold, the shiny tin buttons on the Nazi's uniforms 'turned to powder' and they couldn't keep their coat's closed, so they all froze and had to give up (something like that). I was told 'tin turns to powder at really cold temperatures'. I think I might actually have a much better explanation of what happened now :)

    BenderBender3 år sedan
  • Would a grey tin man from the wizard of oz be similar to a zombie

    Awkwardpiano 72Awkwardpiano 723 år sedan
  • Loving that gravity falls tshirt

    TerraTerra3 år sedan
  • love it, thanks for the inspiration!

    John StarkeyJohn Starkey3 år sedan
  • I'd love to see a video on the formation of tin whiskers.

    ZooumbergZooumberg3 år sedan
  • So would you have a endless source of tin for stannous chloride?

    joe estesjoe estes3 år sedan
  • Are you the stannis chloride in that jar? Cause You're a tin.

    Mad HobbitMad Hobbit3 år sedan
  • I wonder if it is possible to make a large chunk of grey tin without it crumbling.

    Slice Of FishSlice Of Fish3 år sedan
  • "There you can live on top of the rock and next to the potato" -cody

    kkkk3 år sedan
  • Tin feathers that’s so beautiful

    Sketchy DoodSketchy Dood3 år sedan
  • Cool stuff!

    Goerge HansonGoerge Hanson3 år sedan
  • What is the significance of the gray tin???

    Skyler DavidsonSkyler Davidson3 år sedan
  • Hi Cody, i just graduated collage and i've started my first real engineering job. I was recently educated by the head of engineering that we can't produce ROHS compliant boards because of the threat of forming a "tin whisker". Is the formation of a tin whisker at room temperature just another means of forming the allotrope grey tin?

    Rich St AubinRich St Aubin3 år sedan
    • No tin whiskers are a different phenomena. There isn't a fully agreed on reason for tin whiskers but the most common answer is from the residual stress in the solder joint causing the tin grains to extrude out of the surface when they form certain favorable grain boundary angles with the surface. So most of the methods for mitigating have to do with removing residual stress or alloying to change the grain boundary angles or flow stress of the grains.

      Aaron WashburnAaron Washburn3 år sedan
  • FNORD!

    J. B. BostJ. B. Bost3 år sedan
  • what is the purpose of gray tin though?

    J RJ R3 år sedan
  • Hey a gravity falls shirt!

    Noah BrinsonNoah Brinson3 år sedan
  • What other experiments did you have in your freezer?

    KorkelDaweKorkelDawe3 år sedan
  • All i heard is reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram and buy Gold

    Philip MPhilip M3 år sedan
  • cody slab? apparently its tin slab

    NeonNeon3 år sedan
  • Cody Slab xD, such a great mark for a chunk of metal

    AlexLunAlexLun3 år sedan
  • I also made grey tin in my freezer. My starting material was metallic tin from Rotometals. There seems to be a lot of questions about how pure the tin needs to be for this experiment to work but I found the Rotometals tin sufficient. It also took several years for mine to convert. I had no idea that you could "seed" the conversion with a bit of grey tin. That is very interesting!

    Weekend ScientistWeekend Scientist3 år sedan
  • That Bill Cypher shirt! Woo!! Cody is a Gravity Falls fan!

    jtfrohjtfroh3 år sedan
  • Yeah suuuuuure that bag of product is just "Tin".... lol

    Ethan TaylorEthan Taylor3 år sedan
  • Here's some notes from an old chemistry book: "The transition point can be detected dilatometrically and lies at 18°-20°. A mixture of the two kinds of tin neither contracts nor expands at this temperature, while at higher temperatures a contraction is observed and an expansion takes place on cooling, due to the disappearance of the grey tin on heating and of the white tin on cooling. The same transition point is found if electrodes of grey and white tin are placed in a solution of a tin salt and the resulting potential difference followed. At about 20° this is zero, but below this temperature white tin, and above it the grey variety, has the greatest solution pressure [i.e. EMF]. As the ordinary temperature in temperate climates is usually below 20° it follows that all tin is in the metastable condition except on a few very warm days; and it is only because the rate of transformation is so slow that the tin remains unaltered on most occasions. This pseudo-stability disappears at once if the tin is placed in a solution of a tin salt. The deposition of tin takes place owing to the small currents set up by differences in concentration in the solution, and the tin is naturally deposited in the form stable at the temperature of the experiment. The small amount of grey tin which separates out at temperatures below 18° is enough to infect the whole mass of tin. The rate of transformation is thus markedly affected by the presence of tin salts, and whereas dry tin shows a maximum rate of change at -48°, when immersed in a solution of a tin salt the change is most rapid at 0°. The previous history of the tin also affects the rate of transformation, and a sample which has been undercooled for a long time is converted into the grey form much more rapidly than tin which has not undergone this treatment. Again if some grey tin is transformed into white and then back again into grey, the second change takes place more quickly than with fresh tin, and the more often the tin has been transformed the more rapidly the change takes place. Even the transition temperature is affected by a repetition of experiments or by intermediate heat treatment; with cadmium it can be depressed from 70° to 62°." (Temperatures are degrees Celsius.)

    AguaFluoridaAguaFluorida3 år sedan