Tin Canning Lids?

In an effort to reduce plastic in my life I make some reusable canning lids out of pure tin.
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Captions provided by Natasha Glenboski

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  • Could you use Aluminium instead of Tin?

    Guy FriedmanGuy Friedman2 år sedan
    • or frick? frick will work, make it lightsaber proof to

      jesse robertsonjesse robertson2 månader sedan
    • @Masta Blasta I'm sure Cody could find a way to make it happen but steel would be absurdly difficult to get molten for the casting process. Maybe a sheet could be heated and stamped against a die to get the shape. It would still be a ton - maybe even a tonne - of work but the durable, reusable lids would pay off.

      John La DukeJohn La Duke11 månader sedan
    • @Cody'sLab What about stainless steel since it's cheaper and safer to use with food

      Masta BlastaMasta Blasta11 månader sedan
    • @Nigel Cam So you unironically think that the consumption of metal being unhealthy is a conspiracy theory? You must have eaten too much Lead then.

      ChuckieleChuckieleÅr sedan
    • @ValleysOfRain. Ah, so in your professional opinion, I'm "insane" because I made a slightly(admittedly) long post, that involved sarcastically casting light on a very real problem? I'm not sure I agree with your prognosis there doc. I DID have an hour to kill at that particular time. So.... But BTW, while your out looking to find fault with other people, I'd recommend asking yourself why it is that you feel a need to cast aspersions and insults at people you don't even know. Normally when I see a sarcastic comment that is in no way insulting to me, I read it and move on to other things. I don't think to myself, "gee, I should take the time to send an unjustifiable insult to this person"!

      Patrick McLeodPatrick McLeodÅr sedan
  • So, looks like it finally uploaded!

    ScoverScover11 dagar sedan
  • This is not the good day video xD

    Camtasia VideosCamtasia Videos22 dagar sedan
    • True xd

      Ibrahim AhmedIbrahim Ahmed12 dagar sedan
  • i'm here from tekkit realm

    Being a dikBeing a dik24 dagar sedan
    • we were lied to

      Ibrahim AhmedIbrahim Ahmed12 dagar sedan
    • we got prank'd

      Penguin DudePenguin Dude15 dagar sedan
    • Same

      Francis Adrian MoralesFrancis Adrian Morales17 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    Epicly RaspberryEpicly Raspberry24 dagar sedan
  • I am not having *the good day*

    shinchan the bestshinchan the best26 dagar sedan
  • POV: You saw TheTekkitRealm's video, opened the link at the left and saw that this is not "The Good Day".

    Павел ШекеревПавел Шекерев26 dagar sedan
    • yep

      Francis Adrian MoralesFrancis Adrian Morales17 dagar sedan
    • yes

      CalebowskineticCalebowskinetic24 dagar sedan
    • yes it is!

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    • yea

      TrinityTrinity26 dagar sedan
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    NoBlox GamingNoBlox Gaming26 dagar sedan
  • have we been tricked into thinking this is "the good day"

    KARA BOĞAKARA BOĞA27 dagar sedan
    • I think that whole thing is fake lol

      LexanLexan23 dagar sedan
  • Here from TheTekkitRealm. (btw this is not "the good day")

    CYLITMCYLITM27 dagar sedan
    • same

      rkxd.rkxd.25 dagar sedan
  • Wait, this isn't "The good day"

    chlkriszchlkrisz27 dagar sedan
  • What a second this isn’t the video “good day”

    SuperWindows78SuperWindows7827 dagar sedan
    • @davgaming gamer because it's fake, the guy behind the story screenshotted multiple uploads titled "The good day" over the years and made up this entire story

      PebsPebs27 dagar sedan
    • @ilvol Do you know why it was changed?

      davgaming gamerdavgaming gamer27 dagar sedan
    • actual link is /Rlf1ko-wDN4, it was changed on the 3rd screenshot

      ilvolilvol27 dagar sedan
    • im not the only one who came here lol

      ThatChristianGamerThatChristianGamer27 dagar sedan
  • So do the peaches cook in the vacuum chamber if it causes the water to boil? Also when you boil out the bacteria is that the process for all canned food and is that why canned food doesn’t rot as quickly?

    Dirt CobainDirt CobainMånad sedan
  • What is that wonderful tec he I S U S E I N G

    bundle ofbundle of2 månader sedan
  • 7:22 the jars saw my light up sketchers

    Hey PaulmanHey Paulman6 månader sedan
  • My guy got a full bunker of cans

    Thomas SimpsonThomas Simpson9 månader sedan
  • Would you do a video on canning with antique glass lids? Currently there is only one YT video showing glass lids. Everyone who cans with Weck jars go on & on about how great they are, how beautiful they are & how healthy the glass lids are. I was searching for all canning lids on ebay and low & behold, glass lids made by BALL, Atlas, Presto & and several more came up. Apparently these lids were used between 1930-1963. I knew about the bail jars & ]their lids but the lids I’m talking about actually fit the regular & widemouth. Of course you have to find the gaskets for them. I have actually canned with them and they worked great. I looked up the directions in a very, very old Ball Blue book. This must be what Tattlers based their design on because it’s the same. Lid - gasket -- ring, but barely finger tight. Now I can brag about my beautiful glass lids & mine were made in the USA years before Weck came along. It was a thrill canning with antique lids and having it work out. The seal was so strong I couldn’t break it. The Ball instructions said to “open by placing the knife tip between the rubber ring & jar (OMG)”. Is that why they changed? Maybe if they had made a tool to open them, we would still be canning with glass lids today. I wasn’t about to tinker with a sharp knife tip, I’m much to accident prone. I did finally find the perfect solution. I used a laboratory spatula (I have these around because I make my own creams & lotions). The lab spatula is thin enough to pop the vacuum. So, please, do a great video on canning with antique glass. Sometimes we had it right in the past but gave it up! All I know is I don’t have to throw out my glass lids every time I use them. My next experiment will be trying a silicone gasket.

    MonCherMonCher10 månader sedan
  • I saw in a toy locomotive video that a lot of parts are ladled into a metal mold and then a top is pressed onto it with a leaver. You can probably find many CNC-owning folks for hire to make you a handy mold for tin canning lids. If you have them machine it out of copper, it may even leave a trace residue that will kill germs, but not so much that it flavors the food.

    Buck StarchaserBuck Starchaser11 månader sedan
  • Cody, don't worry about the lid blasting off. I lose at least one jar every year because I forget to turn the burner down from 10 to 7 once the jars are in the water. You just hear a noise like a balloon popping because the glass explodes before the lid gives out. The water and the canning pot contain all the shards and you're in no danger unless your hand is in the boiling water.

    John La DukeJohn La Duke11 månader sedan
  • 1:13 is that why you had to get your mom some new measuring cups?

    Ivan BusteloIvan BusteloÅr sedan
  • why wouldnt you leave the tag on top? xD

    2sdd2sddÅr sedan
  • Did you cook the peaches before vacuuming?

    AeroscienceAeroscienceÅr sedan
  • Peaches come from a can, they were put there by a man, in a Cody's Lab downtown.

    Carlos MatosCarlos MatosÅr sedan
  • wouldn t he tin corrode with vinegar?

    martine. mjtmartine. mjtÅr sedan
  • What kind of tool is that 15:04? That looks really cool

    Acumi the ReaperAcumi the Reaper2 år sedan
  • anyone else see the clown smoking the cigarette @1:50

    Josh PoeJosh Poe2 år sedan
  • Where did you get your food-grade tin? Reclaiming it from tin plated cans? If so, video link please. Thanx.

    Jeff BeckerJeff Becker2 år sedan
  • Are you Mormon

    vincentvincent2 år sedan
  • Before the use of metal lids, they were made of ceramic, lasted for ever and were reusable.

    Abc-co Leaks-infoAbc-co Leaks-info2 år sedan
  • He actually used tin snips to snip tin.. Looks easier than snipping steel.

    Dave BDave B2 år sedan
  • Put a plant in that vacuum chamber Cody!!!

    kenny Murphykenny Murphy2 år sedan
  • Wow! that is cleaver!

    paper workpaper work2 år sedan
  • Cody'sLab -- You should be made aware that silicone sealant, and indeed virtually all elastomers, are not rated for high vacuum work because they all leak. The workaround is to use them in pairs, with a non-critical vacuum in between. Even a crappy vacuum is still down in the millionths of 1 bar, so there is very little force available to drive molecules through the tortuous micro-channels in the elastomers. Even then, it's not recommended for keeping helium out of the high vacuum. Helium will even pass through solid glass! (Slowly, of course.)

    YodaWhatYodaWhat2 år sedan
  • anyone back here after he ate them?

    Nice memeNice meme2 år sedan
  • @Cody’sLab please open up those cans on the 19th as promised!! Been looking forward to that for thanksgiving

    Zach SparZach Spar2 år sedan
  • Hi Cody ! How are you ? In your vaccum chamber, can you put a graphite crucible supported by, may be a cellular concrete, fill with lead or something like that. And, then heat the crucible with your powerful laser in vaccum until the maximum temperature is reached. What would be the maximum temperature in air pressure and in vaccum ?

    Justin ZiassJustin Ziass2 år sedan
  • I think I can! I think I can!

    PointyTailofSatanPointyTailofSatan2 år sedan
  • Cody you got a nice ass pantry there

    Will FearnsWill Fearns2 år sedan
  • Someone said a bad word.

    ProfessorProfanityProfessorProfanity2 år sedan
  • Pineapple cans are still lined with tin

    Robert LoseyRobert Losey2 år sedan
  • Was wondering what tool was that you used to test the metal. I would love to get one too.

    Jose RodriguezJose Rodriguez2 år sedan
  • I think you should definitely get in contact with the aweme channel for these kind of projects pertaining to decent crafting that pertains too recognition

    alex ritteralex ritter2 år sedan
  • Canning lids are plastic in what world again? Re-Use homemade lids = Botulism. Just saying

    fla playafla playa2 år sedan
  • Holy shit. I think It's been over a decade since I've seen tin snips used to snip tin.

    Thor214Thor2142 år sedan
  • November 2019: "How to extract Botox from canned beans"

    ChuckieleChuckiele2 år sedan
  • Absolute Mad Lad, working with molten metal and torches without any welding gloves.

    Gage, the King of AssGage, the King of Ass2 år sedan
  • Can you bang the lid with a spoon to test the integrity of the seal?

    Gardner SmithGardner Smith2 år sedan
  • You're overtightening the ring on the rubber gasket and you can clearly hear the vacuum seal collapsing as you turn the ring at 09:08. You can also see the juice level drop as air flows in. The ring is only there to keep the gasket and lid in place while the seal forms.

    FrancoisFrancois2 år sedan
  • Metal canning lids are reusable if they aren't rusted. Not sure if that's helpful for your purposes or not.

    Joshua BrixeyJoshua Brixey2 år sedan
  • That's a pretty significant pantry... are you a prepper or something?

    Ben WillockBen Willock2 år sedan
  • So does how does the vacuum work compared to traditional heat/ Pressure canning?

    Terry RhuebottomTerry Rhuebottom2 år sedan
  • It's my favorite SEcroner! baL s'ydoC!

    Kronus AerospaceKronus Aerospace2 år sedan
  • How about gold lids?

    hayden yorkhayden york2 år sedan
  • I hope Cody makes bank on these videos. Good no drama interesting content.

    Royal WinsRoyal Wins2 år sedan
  • I agree with not eating the dubious beans; but botulism is caused by an anaerobe so a broken seal actually makes it less likely.

    David BunnerDavid Bunner2 år sedan
  • everyone focusing on tin snips..hell, I want that device to test metal content....where you get that and for how much?

    Jim MJim M2 år sedan
  • 6:49 and then 8:16 I died

    Nicholas WheelerNicholas Wheeler2 år sedan
  • Might seem like a random pointless expirement, but could you test to see if that idea of Tin imparting a good flavour into the peaches actually has any merit by canning peaches into different cans of various food grade metals, then tasting them and seeing if there is any noticeable difference with a fresh peach?

    connor etchellsconnor etchells2 år sedan
  • If you open them in November, you'll be a month late for Thanksgiving! :D

    Aurelius RAurelius R2 år sedan
  • Cody's Garage

    TheMarsyLiaTheMarsyLia2 år sedan
  • So you know which pathogenic bacteria are not killed by the temperature of boiling water at atmospheric pressure? There are some.

    chris barrettchris barrett2 år sedan
  • Doubles the process time (at least), but try removing the bubbles without the lids first. That way you only have the air cavity at the top to worry about, on the second run.

    WireTamerWireTamer2 år sedan
  • You know they do make those out of glass.

    JobeJobe2 år sedan
  • Those better not be Mama Reeder's Gold-plated measuring cups...

    Michael C.Michael C.2 år sedan
  • What I know is that the lead element is toxic and causes cancer, so it is not good to make it a cover for food. I do not advise you to eat what you put in those Jars . Otherwise , well done

  • Argh, the zooming! Doesn't that expensive-looking X-ray spectrum thingy have a log scale?

    Dan HaiducDan Haiduc2 år sedan
  • The problem with replacing plastic with metal is that it's usually less environmentally friendly than plastic. Plastic does not become instantly unusable after one use, especially bottles - just use them as long as possible and replace them when they're actually unusable. With things like this that can only be used once, just don't use them if you're concerned about the environment.

    Zak HawkerZak Hawker2 år sedan
  • why

    hartley harehartley hare2 år sedan
  • you should make one out of silver

    kody frostkody frost2 år sedan
  • Lamp

    Joe Buck YourselfJoe Buck Yourself2 år sedan
  • Afraid of botulism? Send them to Steve.

    40kanon40kanon2 år sedan
  • When you poured the tin, is that all wicking around the plaster cast?

    TheRealTealTheRealTeal2 år sedan
  • gaming lid

    hachihachi2 år sedan
  • November 19th is my birthday. Wtf

    JarvaliciousJarvalicious2 år sedan
  • It took me way too long to realize those jars weren't laying down on their sides lmao. Just noticed at like 6:55

    Ethan FieldsEthan Fields2 år sedan
  • So no one says anything about you just whipping out a portable X-ray analyzer? Lol rock on.

    univac2000univac20002 år sedan
  • “Aww it sprayed peach juice everywhere”

    Zak grayZak gray2 år sedan
  • Once you have opened the tins, can you just melt down the tin and form new ones? That would be fairly green - except for heat melting the tin?

    Paul MorrissPaul Morriss2 år sedan
  • Learned a trick today - if you don't have a wire rack for canning use canning rings on the bottom of the pot. Thanks Cody!

    Drew LattaDrew Latta2 år sedan
  • Please make a video on a can made out of tin cans.

    Dimitri Lens Flare AbramsDimitri Lens Flare Abrams2 år sedan
  • I think pineapple's also come in tin plated steel cans.

    Joost DoomernikJoost Doomernik2 år sedan
  • Guess that second lid was a shooting star...

    Zachary AllenZachary Allen2 år sedan
  • Cody could easily survive any apocalypse scenario the media has shown us.

    MauMau2 år sedan
  • Pears also use the tin lining in cans.

    MonsterrayMonsterray2 år sedan
  • Your pantry looks like a preppers

    Jacque MinogueJacque Minogue2 år sedan
  • Why wouldn’t they coat the inside of the steel can with Zinc?

    cal30m1cal30m12 år sedan
  • I'm not familiar with canning, why can't you just reuse the metal lid?

    ZaleucusZaleucus2 år sedan
  • There's a Cody analogue in this video! When they made Cody, they broke the mold! :)

    LurchieLurchie2 år sedan
  • I wish you could sell these, theyre cool af

    InjuringMaxInjuringMax2 år sedan
  • I thought tin was toxic.

    Tim LeijtenTim Leijten2 år sedan
  • Cody, if you cook the beans it should destroy all the botulin toxins that have formed if it was contaminated. Ingesting a few off the bacteria themselves should not be that big of a deal for a healthy adult. If a lot have formed you will obviously notice it on the beans.

    WemjaWemja2 år sedan
  • Why don't you just use normal jar caps? :D

    J BJ B2 år sedan
    • Because it wouldn't be as cool.

      Spicy PeppersSpicy Peppers2 år sedan
  • Video game logic tells us if you eat xrayd peaches you become Peachman

    Magna TaurusMagna Taurus2 år sedan
  • What happens if you put Gallium on a full sealed soda can I wonder? Thought that was what you were doing when I saw the screenshot for this video at first glance...

    MH FulltimerMH Fulltimer2 år sedan
  • Got enough food there buddy? Lol. Some larder that man.

  • Is it possible to somehow test the canned beans to see if they are safe to eat?

    Dudok22Dudok222 år sedan
  • now i could really go for some peaches.

    MrLembnauMrLembnau2 år sedan
  • So are you a prepper or do you just love food

    jamiejamie2 år sedan
  • that intro scared me for some reason

    blackholeproductionsblackholeproductions2 år sedan
  • they sell reusable metal lids tho

    HeccingHeccing2 år sedan