Where Did I Get My Mercury?

In this video I show where my mercury came from.
See me extracting mercury from the ore here: secrone.info/video/jdWmi9vKZq6XrNU/video.html
I forgot to mention that I only recently got the mercury back from a family member who was keeping it so little kid me didn't play with it too much.
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  • Knowledge is power

    Gordon GheckoGordon Ghecko17 dagar sedan
  • This episode was shot on iPhone

    ItzPURRItzPURR18 dagar sedan
  • Very informative.

    Raz HalRaz Hal26 dagar sedan
  • Freddy's Mercury, right?

    seq165432seq16543228 dagar sedan
  • "merc-ing with mercury" a slip of the tongue? most likely hilarious? absolutely!

    Jason KeatsJason Keats28 dagar sedan
  • dark netflix?

    h1zaenbgh1zaenbgMånad sedan
  • Nobody ever cleans up when they’re done mining :(

    SondergardenSondergardenMånad sedan
  • Mercury being worth more than gold per ounce.....I'm trying to imagine the value of all that mercury in the toilet experiment.

    christopher behrenschristopher behrensMånad sedan
  • Hope they stopped eating the fish in those parts!!!

    Anthony JosephAnthony JosephMånad sedan
  • Omg i watched this dude's videos 3 yesrs ago

    Mein FührerMein FührerMånad sedan
  • The mushy position lately surprise because salad parenthetically mess up worth a secret debtor. receptive, poor stepdaughter

    Sylvia ChenSylvia ChenMånad sedan
  • Just saw your Potassium Acetate clip. You could die from overdosing. In 2015 this was injected with other chemicals for Injection induced death sentence. You should have a disclaimer. I will unsubscribe you if I see more dangerous stuff.

    BLUE JaysBLUE JaysMånad sedan
  • Cody has found an abandoned mineshaft

    Abdul HaseebAbdul HaseebMånad sedan
  • new viewer, first time ive seen you use that intro. It's fuckin awesome

    David HarrisonDavid HarrisonMånad sedan
  • Why did you pick that shit up?

    TheEnder Gamer31TheEnder Gamer31Månad sedan
  • Vaccine manufacturers are concerned you have so much, lol, they dislike competition.

    Joe M. Lemos Jr.Joe M. Lemos Jr.Månad sedan
  • So they just roasted the rocks till the mercury leached out.its toxic as fuck man why flush it down the toilet.

    Ben CrawshawBen Crawshaw2 månader sedan
  • ...

    MercuryMercury2 månader sedan
  • I saw the title and saw the thumbnail and thought to myself “dang, this man found his car in a cave”

    bruciebruce32bruciebruce322 månader sedan
    • Gonna find me a Mercury and cruise it up and down the road

      J McCormickJ McCormick19 dagar sedan
  • omg mining mole was here

    One Unit Of Chicken ProduceOne Unit Of Chicken Produce2 månader sedan
  • Should you be flushing mercury tho?

    Diego Marx WeillerDiego Marx Weiller2 månader sedan
  • I mean I know you probably know quite a lot about geology and the exploration but you're doing some really wild s*** but it works

    the vibethe vibe2 månader sedan
  • Ah Cody I do miss these kinds of videos 🙂 it's always good to see a bit of back story

    scrappy dooscrappy doo2 månader sedan
  • My dealer doesn’t tell me where he gets his.

    Trumpsney Productions StudiosTrumpsney Productions Studios2 månader sedan
  • You are great ..

    Rajesh KoppaRajesh Koppa2 månader sedan
  • My thoughts are that it's people like you that destroy shit leave it alone asshole

    Big EBig E2 månader sedan
    • If you actually used your smooth brain even you could have noticed how gentle he was being with the hopper. Not only that but he didn't even go into the mine and he was also not being reckless there either. So shut up.

      Aiden The HumanAiden The Human2 månader sedan
    • shut the absolute f u c k up.

      SpookySpooky2 månader sedan
  • Damn dude knows too much about rocks my head hurts lol

    Kyle LittleKyle Little2 månader sedan
  • Based on that thumbnail I thought some shady creature was selling you mercury in an abandoned mineshaft.

    cxcx2 månader sedan
  • Did you know you could of turned all that mercury into gold? Too Bad.

    MasterX767MasterX7672 månader sedan
  • The link to the extracting video is dead :(

    SakumiSakumi2 månader sedan
  • He says Mercury strange

    MineHunterMineHunter2 månader sedan
  • At least you don’t film vertically.

    Jason ThompsonJason Thompson2 månader sedan
  • This mine entrance remind me a lot the Dark cave

    FieryArrowsFieryArrows2 månader sedan
  • 🔴👀🔴 I can recharge my camera battery even out on my mountain bike rides with my Ryobi One+ batteries with the inverter I bought, I can recharge them using the battery packs that charge phones because their voltage is too low.

    Kurt ElliottKurt Elliott2 månader sedan
  • Mercury and cyanide, they must have had a good health plan

    Jochen StackerJochen Stacker2 månader sedan
  • Mercury vapor is extremely dangerous, much more than getting it on the skin.

    notfiveonotfiveo3 månader sedan
  • The quicksilver king 👑

    Ad the badAd the bad3 månader sedan
  • CODY, you must fill some tires with mercury!

    DijiDiji3 månader sedan
  • Going to Mercury mine not one of life's best choices.

    Jason WedgeJason Wedge3 månader sedan
  • He's the closest thing to Doc from back to the future.

    Some BuddySome Buddy3 månader sedan
  • runescape players always put off THAT vibe

    Zen GuruZen Guru3 månader sedan
    • tin and copper.. whoop

      Zen GuruZen Guru3 månader sedan
  • cody : here in my back yard

    Joshua AbrahamJoshua Abraham3 månader sedan
  • Me gustaron tus vídeos ojalá pudieran estar en español también

    Chris EvanChris Evan3 månader sedan
  • @cody,can you solidify mercury like the yogis do? rest easy

    phib anachiphib anachi3 månader sedan
  • Looks like you found a old rig up for refining gold using mercury. That's just what it appears to me if you search up what you are laying down it more resembles what was used to refine gold.

    kirk richterkirk richter3 månader sedan
  • Holy crap dude! Do you have a death wish? No way in hell would I be touching that stuff with my bare hands.

    Ethan JonesEthan Jones3 månader sedan
    • It's not as dangerous as people think. It is dangerous but you aren't going to get poisoning from just touching that type of mercury.

      Aiden The HumanAiden The Human2 månader sedan
    • "Do you have a deathwish?" are you new here lol

      Alexis JohnsonAlexis Johnson3 månader sedan
  • What if an animal suddenly interrupt his journey hmmm 🤔

    rithik saviorithik savio3 månader sedan
  • didn't think owning or obtaining mercury was ok...yet it's in thermostat switches world wide so hey...haha

    H.L. WestlakeH.L. Westlake3 månader sedan
  • You’d love to play on the soil my reservation sits on we’re down hill from Elliot lake uranium mines serpent river First Nation sits on sulphur site there’s chunks of pure sulphur all over, it melts into tar on hot days

    mary jane. mooremary jane. moore3 månader sedan
  • You embody an important ideal whether you know it or not. You an uncommon person and a man that by the directive of your own born nature seeks to teach a person to fish instead of just handing them a fish. I want you to know that you are a part of what taught me to do the same in my own way. The world will never fall into complete darkness so long as little lights that embody a secret brilliance and truth like you and I shine. You are a joy to learn from, I share your mind but I direct it towards a deep understanding of history, philosophy, psychology, poetry and creative writing. The sciences fascinate me deeply though they are not my strength to understand. To watch a man like yourself actually test and experience in real life the things that can only be explained in books or shown examples of in a lab, that has a property of healing and of truth embedded into it's work. In short, thank you, you are one small piece of an amalgamation of complicated works and trials that woke me to who I really am and I have nothing more or less than a simple smile to give to you for that:)

    HumanOddity69HumanOddity693 månader sedan
  • Mad Hatter.

    PikaSnipePikaSnipe3 månader sedan
  • Mercury is the metal of antigravity

    San GuineSan Guine3 månader sedan
  • flsuing mercuray into a watersystem? it was closed?

    AIsingularityAIAIsingularityAI3 månader sedan
  • @cody Your link to your extracting mercury video is no longer up.. May want to change/remove it.

    Ev3rNubEv3rNub3 månader sedan
  • i get my uranium from post soviet uranium mines!

    endusumo Riderendusumo Rider3 månader sedan
  • He obviously got it from the black market pfff I know this is an old video and I already watched it but it popped in my recommended like the joke popped in my head

    Atomic TestingAtomic Testing3 månader sedan
  • I have never failed to be infected by Cody's enthusiasm. Great stuff! Never stop.

    Agent BertramAgent Bertram3 månader sedan
  • Who is getting this recommended to them in 2021? I’m making a prediction that the SEcrone algorithm is going to blow this up.

    Aidan FAidan F3 månader sedan
  • Build fire, heat ore, sweat mercury out of rock as a vapor, recondense mercury vapor into liquid mercury by collecting hot mercury vapor in a cool angular runoff pipe, collect liquid mercury in a sealable container. Interesting process but it would have been highly toxic work, even outdoors because of the volume and density of the mercury vapors involved. And the vapor collector and copper coil for recondensing the vapor into liquid mercury are both missing. Probably cashed in for scrap metal or used on someone's alcohol still. Same process essentia)y, just different substance and end product.

    Carl StoneCarl Stone3 månader sedan
  • May 2017 saw a big increase in Mercury prices. I hope you had your Mercury stocks still at that stage.

    Ray WatsonRay Watson3 månader sedan
  • IS THIS EVEN LEGAL?????????

    Jouke TeckJouke Teck3 månader sedan
  • Why does that last bit sound highly illegal? 😂😂😂

    Mitch RiceMitch Rice3 månader sedan
  • Very poor grade. A nearby mountain has deep rich red cinnabar. Smelted onsite as well. 100 pound flasks capped with 3/4 inch pipe plugs... The b and b mine, 9000 feet elevation, Montgomery Peak Nevada

    Wilson PendarvisWilson Pendarvis3 månader sedan
  • Straight telling someone where your items are is about as dumb as it gets

    jay bonesjay bones3 månader sedan
  • Cinnabar was used to decorate objects inside of Egyptian tomb so the thieves handling the stuff inside would get poisoned....so maybe use plastic gloves- mercury poisoning is not a good thing

    Peter CiureaPeter Ciurea3 månader sedan
  • That whole place is probably a highly toxic superfund cleanup site, now.

    Robert ZeurunklRobert Zeurunkl3 månader sedan
  • Dude, i would watch your video if you took the video on an old nokia phone with snake.

    ShoopermanShooperman3 månader sedan
  • Lol they didnt buy that wood at home depot. Its highly cost ineffective for a mining operation to pay the same prices Joe schmoe does to remodel his house for wood etc.

    Michael InglisMichael Inglis3 månader sedan
  • Sometime in the future: Where did i get my Uranium?

    ilyas wadjinnyilyas wadjinny3 månader sedan
  • I bet OSHA wouldn't approve of that operation.

    Dana WebbDana Webb3 månader sedan
    • Not today but in the 1950’s?

      Cody'sLabCody'sLab3 månader sedan
  • rip to my fuckin ears. full blast metal scraping 🤦‍♂️

    Wu TangWu Tang4 månader sedan
  • Whoa the comments have refreshed. My turn

    Aayush ChalekarAayush Chalekar4 månader sedan
  • Sunken German U-boats have 100's of tons of it when they were fleeing to the poles. Mercury was used for their Hanabau vehicles.

    Dollar GuyDollar Guy4 månader sedan
  • Why were you using the take upside down?

    Steve TobiasSteve Tobias4 månader sedan
  • you are a stupid man Cody!

    MrTwigeMrTwige4 månader sedan
  • "Where did I get my mercury?" This scary decrepit hole in the earth.

    Jesse DotsonJesse Dotson4 månader sedan
  • crazy, why would you want to find the most deadly substances on earth, doesnt want gold or silver its all about the LEAD, Murcury, Cinnabar, and the Asbestos lol next time we will find the arsenic and anthrax lol

    Austin AndricksAustin Andricks4 månader sedan
  • Your mercury? From outer space, DUH

    QuaxkyQuaxky4 månader sedan
  • نصاب في مسقط عمان له مقاطع فيديو على اليوتيوب عالم الزئبق الاحمر اسمه محمد صالح نصاب محترف وعالمي احذرو منه

    عدنان الشبليعدنان الشبلي4 månader sedan
  • I guess You know that Gold dissolves in Mercury ... ?

    VrLes QhrVrLes Qhr4 månader sedan
    • A little bit yeah.

      Cody'sLabCody'sLab4 månader sedan
  • Mercury mining I wonder if all the miner's went as mad as hatter's, God rest them if they did

    Rob MarrinRob Marrin4 månader sedan
  • That is a mercury distiller, basically. I'm sure 100% of the operators had shortened life spans from this tech.

    Hamilton CannagarHamilton Cannagar4 månader sedan
  • murceri

    The DefrosterThe Defroster4 månader sedan
  • They must have been some extremely bored people back in the day to say,, ""hey, lets go dig up a bunch of rock and distill it and see what we get.""

    Old Man PatriotOld Man Patriot4 månader sedan
  • No matter where you go, no matter how far out in the wilderness, no matter how remote a place it is, you can find beer cans there.

    Je GrJe Gr4 månader sedan
  • Cinnabar Rocks! So how many gold miners were killed from Mercury vapour poisoning

    The ButlerThe Butler4 månader sedan
  • I really want to see you extract the mercury, but the link say the video is private.

    skeeter197140skeeter1971405 månader sedan
    • @Cody'sLab Omg you respond to old videos that's awesome; I was coming back on the channel for a while in years to see if it's still active, seems like it is!

      Merle PeriwinkleMerle Periwinkle4 månader sedan
    • SEcrone didn’t like it. 😥

      Cody'sLabCody'sLab5 månader sedan
  • Actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, actually, actually,

    Marty McFlyMarty McFly5 månader sedan
  • I still maintain that cinnabar sounds more like a breakfast pastry.

    grovermaticgrovermatic5 månader sedan
  • Cody is so dangerous lol

    Edfiki86Edfiki865 månader sedan
  • Fake

    Reshma MoreReshma More5 månader sedan
    • What part of it?

      Aiden The HumanAiden The Human2 månader sedan
  • Muchas gracias por sus enseñanzas sobre geología y química.

    wilson marin montoyawilson marin montoya5 månader sedan
  • merking with mercury

    Sean FoxSean Fox5 månader sedan
  • So interesting. Thanks.

    Catherine LavoieCatherine Lavoie5 månader sedan
  • You can see the burnt trees so yes a foreat fire

    CaptaraknospiderCaptaraknospider5 månader sedan
  • The sky is very knowledgeable on his geology... I'm jealous lol

    Steve MillerSteve Miller5 månader sedan
  • you have a nice mine and I would pretty please love to get some of your mercury. I feel bad about breaking my hermetically sealed thermometers and the amount I am rewarded with is pitiful. TRUTH or Die! p.o. box 972 winslow AZ 86047 let me know whats good. I can mail you some cash. I also like radioactive elements if you have a connect. i can't find my uranium anywhere!! 😘🎓bippity bippity boo yah. UTMOST LOVE AND RESPECT from Gods Pocket Arizona

    TRUTH or Die!TRUTH or Die!6 månader sedan
  • It's called a retort. Mercury is useful in gold recovery.

    Christian WorthintonChristian Worthinton6 månader sedan
  • What the hell is dental mercury??? Is it the same kind that’s in breast milk or something ?????

    DJ GREYDJ GREY6 månader sedan
  • How is this place not a superfund site

    The SCP foundationThe SCP foundation6 månader sedan