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  • Read the journal experiments 😁

    yolopeacesignlol Micootglitchyyolopeacesignlol Micootglitchy5 dagar sedan
  • Cody I lvoe you.

    John WalkerJohn WalkerMånad sedan
  • lightning catcher update

    Schutzstaffel_Officer_3Schutzstaffel_Officer_3Månad sedan
  • He World War oned himself ☣

    Karl MarxKarl MarxMånad sedan
  • OMFG That was CRAZY !!! From calm to crazy It looked like the damn beginning of a tornado !!!!! Even when you don’t try something daring it happens LOVE IT !!!! Go Cody Go !!!

    Steve ASteve AMånad sedan
  • Its interesting that, since in nature we don't observe anything coming from nothing, that you don't believe in at least some creation... The stance of not sering evidence of Gods existence, is as good as saying, there is no evidence of non existence. So since we are something, and only nothing can come from nothing by observation, it's more likely that everything came from something.

    Jaih AgustoJaih AgustoMånad sedan
  • Me: Getting lost a third time in the city I have lived in for 4 years Cody: "Just taking a 5-hour walk in the desert to my parent's house"

    Sean LiuSean Liu2 månader sedan
    • To be fair I get lost in the city too.

      Cody'sLabCody'sLab2 månader sedan
  • Struggles to walk and talk on a hike. Puts it down to being out of shape. Then proceeds to tell a story of him running through a cloud of chlorine gas. This is why I like Cody. 😄😄❤✌🤙

    MephistophelesMephistopheles2 månader sedan
  • Lol love the monopoly reference didnt catch that before

    SprizidaireSprizidaire2 månader sedan
  • 33:20 - No comment.

  • Awesome to here your story work exp....you really so open about every thing...

    Nitin SaklechaNitin Saklecha3 månader sedan
  • Ur my favourite youtuber

    Vedant MomayaVedant Momaya3 månader sedan
  • hydrolysis in grade four wow i only did it in sixth

    Hugo AmkreutzHugo Amkreutz3 månader sedan
  • Literally losing my breath watching this video right now

    pacogonfishinpacogonfishin3 månader sedan

    Nick TNick T3 månader sedan
  • with the vacuum chamber videos do whatever will be most profitable i wouldnt mind to see them on this channel but i mostly care how it can be as succesful as possible

    T BoundsT Bounds4 månader sedan
  • Do you plan to merry your sister?

    Hkk HgffhHkk Hgffh5 månader sedan
  • u_u back when Cody had a soul, Q_Q and grant was still alive.

    AbbyKeetieAbbyKeetie5 månader sedan
  • "fulgurite spikes"

    asheraelasherael5 månader sedan
  • God I love Cody so much

    Jonah SJonah S6 månader sedan
  • Q&A turned Bear Grylls

    David IvanovicDavid Ivanovic7 månader sedan
  • What mountains are those? Mississippi doesn't look like that.

    TIN.MAN1369TIN.MAN13698 månader sedan
  • Name for the lightning rods; Zeus Catchers.

    KasaronKasaron10 månader sedan
  • U dont believe in Santa Claus >:(

    3bdo3bdo11 månader sedan
  • Why not jump with deltaplane

    StefanoStefano11 månader sedan
  • One miliion subs later in my doctor evil voice

    Tyler RobertsonTyler Robertson11 månader sedan
  • What happened to the fusion reactor? :(

    Lonely WolfLonely WolfÅr sedan
    • I think it was either never built or it was taken by the government.

      Constant CraftsmanConstant Craftsman3 månader sedan
    • oil companies

      Gue GorillaGue Gorilla11 månader sedan
  • Will you read your old journals and tell stories again?

    Zaxaris PetixosZaxaris PetixosÅr sedan
  • Oh my god, she actually made the virus It is the Covid-19 😅

    a someonea someoneÅr sedan
  • What happened to the going to mars plan, is Cody still going to go?

    Solar TypoSolar TypoÅr sedan
  • I knew Kanyon was evil all along.

    TheHarbingerOfDeathTheHarbingerOfDeathÅr sedan
  • I hope Cody doesn’t still think that Kanyon meant the wedding would have to wait til only she finished college. I hope he’s realized that that was likely more about him. Sorry Cody, I know that’s hard to hear

    Brandy EllisBrandy EllisÅr sedan
  • 12:19 rip headphone users

    Edward Science InnovationsEdward Science InnovationsÅr sedan
  • You are humble as fuck, I love it.

    Value EarthValue EarthÅr sedan
  • I am so relieved that you were able to declare publicly that you don't believe in a god without 8 million trolls telling you that you're wrong. I'm an Anthropologist with every bit of faith in evolution. It's a real buzz kill to give a presentation on human evolution, chocked full of evidence, only to watch it break down in the Q&A because a bunch of Christian soldiers decide to march on off to war!

    Jason1975ismJason1975ismÅr sedan
  • I really like this kind of video. Will you do it again?

    Dietterich LabsDietterich LabsÅr sedan
  • I also am an atheis

    Dietterich LabsDietterich LabsÅr sedan
  • 28:08 yes please do a video of reading through Cody’s LabBook

    AeroscienceAeroscienceÅr sedan
  • Such an idealistic Cody. I hope he realises this is him

    dangusdangusÅr sedan
  • .

    Alan GarlandAlan GarlandÅr sedan
  • .

    Alan GarlandAlan GarlandÅr sedan
  • Looks like the lightening hit just after you got the lighting catcher removed.

    Collin SmithCollin SmithÅr sedan
  • From another non Mormon Utahn I would like to say great job for sticking to what YOU believe in! If you look at the previous comment where the person lost respect for you because you don’t believe in Jesus! wtf! That’s the close mindedness that us non Mormon Utahns have to deal with. For a religion that’s supposed to be accepting and love everybody we sure get some high and mighty better than you ass holes here in Utah! It’s the struggle because non Utah Mormons are definitely not as brain washed and judgmental as the wonderful Mormons we have to deal with in Utah! They might unsubscribe but I think I’ll open more SEcrone accounts just so I can subscribe more than once! But I’m with ya man show me the evidence and I’ll be at the top of the best Mormons list! Until then how about you guys and you know who you are respect our beliefs as we respect yours!

    ThePalmskeeThePalmskeeÅr sedan
  • That's wingsuit weather. Don't let me down ;)

    A BritA BritÅr sedan
  • This video was published on my b-day :d

    NoelNoelÅr sedan
  • stay near lightning catcher during storm

    MSЯMSЯÅr sedan
  • that was the most exciting Q&A I've ever seen

    ValthorixValthorixÅr sedan
  • A geology series would be amazing. Even merely speaking about the environments you work in, the ranch, chicken hole etc.

    TrailBlazer5280TrailBlazer5280År sedan
  • Educational programs around the experience of readying for Mars could generate plenty of interest to generate funds!!!

    Purple ChrissyPurple ChrissyÅr sedan
  • how delicious are you?

    Katie HunterKatie HunterÅr sedan
  • It would be nice if there was a god and a afterlife but its highly unlikely

    gabe kenyongabe kenyonÅr sedan
  • Is 38 mins the better part of an hour?? It's not even two thirds...

    mesofummy lolmesofummy lolÅr sedan
  • It’s kinda sad reading all the comments about Kanyon, knowing they broke up.

    Jerry RupprechtJerry RupprechtÅr sedan
  • This guy has bodies in his basement...along with the rest of you socially inept scientologists.!!

    CEEAKI 22nd centuryCEEAKI 22nd centuryÅr sedan
  • Thorglass as a name for the captured lightning glass.

    Adam SchraderAdam SchraderÅr sedan
  • oooooooooh a button lol dexters lab comment really brought me back

    RyolooRyolooÅr sedan
  • Wait, did you say a bird crapped on you, then you wiped it in your hair????

    pthelynesepthelyneseÅr sedan
  • Dude

    PlasmoidPlasmoidÅr sedan
  • Good job buddy!

    TheBristlyPineTheBristlyPine2 år sedan
  • Cody's Lab outside the lab

    CoytiCoyti2 år sedan
  • I myself got tired from listening to cody's panting wooh

    anjoman15anjoman152 år sedan
  • If you don't mind me asking, what is your major and what is Canyon's major?

    CluelessBeekeepingCluelessBeekeeping2 år sedan
    • @Brandy Ellis Thank you!

      CluelessBeekeepingCluelessBeekeeping2 år sedan
    • CluelessBeeKeeping I think Cody is/was studying geology and Kanyon studied/studies biology

      Brandy EllisBrandy Ellis2 år sedan
  • That would be a good place for a hang glider.

    CluelessBeekeepingCluelessBeekeeping2 år sedan
  • What is a Cody slab?

    Spoon ManSpoon Man2 år sedan
  • 10:38 lololol

    Adam StraubAdam Straub2 år sedan
  • next video just talk about experiments gone wrong

    Adam StraubAdam Straub2 år sedan
  • Any improvements to the lightning catchers? Any successful Fulgurite structures?

    Christian NygrenChristian Nygren2 år sedan
  • Ok- how can you be walking in the hills, sun is out, then , it's SNOWING!! Aint there a middle? Like rain? Or it just start snowing? Thankx for a LONG VIDEO! IT was lovely spending time with you! BTW: I NEVER bot that JESUS CRAP!! Or god. EITHER Man WROTE that silly book. PERIOD

    sandramorrison99sandramorrison992 år sedan
  • Codydon For President 2020

    M8_Im_MLG_1v1_meM8_Im_MLG_1v1_me2 år sedan
  • I once inhaled chlorine accidentally and my throat and lungs were burning for like a whole day

    Miguel ChacónMiguel Chacón2 år sedan
  • I used to work in a chemical plant that made chlorine and somone died because a seal blew and he breathed it. Its really bad shit

    Zach HerreraZach Herrera2 år sedan
  • Close call with the chlorine dude, be careful out there, most of, the periodic table wants to kill you.

    Sugarsail1Sugarsail12 år sedan
  • Wait could you make an eliquid that is slightly alkaline and when the atomized vapour settles in the lungs it nutrilises the acid ?

    Sir_ElliasSir_Ellias2 år sedan
  • Science can be questioned. Especially climate chance. There is a Dr. Robitaille who says : The sun is not gasious. The sun is condensed matter. And I think: He could be right. And he says: A cloud of gas cannot condence to a body lke the sun. Not stupidly said. And Thunderbolt Project says: What keeps the clouds up? The droplets are heavier than air. I must think. Clouds should be falling down, and fog should be the most common... First of all: Climate change is still in question.

    Ole LarsenOle Larsen2 år sedan
  • :) What a gorgeous piece of land! You're lucky to grow up around that area!

    kuna12kuna122 år sedan
  • Can you make fulgurite with Tesla coils?

    Zach DavisZach Davis2 år sedan
  • you are one of the most valuable persons i have come to know during my life. i wish you all the best in the world! greetings from germany p.s. im in the same position with my family aboutreligion...

    shut up and take my moneyshut up and take my money2 år sedan
  • Call the lighting catchers "Thor Jars"

    Naked CoyoteNaked Coyote2 år sedan
  • Awesome storm shots!

    shred1shred12 år sedan
  • Property! How can someone own the hills?

    Amanvir SinghAmanvir Singh2 år sedan
  • "bolt bottles" sounds like a cool name for the catchers,

    NoLikesToYear sNoLikesToYear s2 år sedan

    Kyle BowmanKyle Bowman2 år sedan
  • Matthew SemenukMatthew Semenuk2 år sedan
  • I am from Salt Lake and what’s really cool when there’s a lightning storm is the lightning strikes the mountains gets deflected by the rock and then bounces from mountain to mountain, it’s cooler than watching fireworks.

    teddysurfteddysurf2 år sedan
  • if you shave your head you would look like someone

    Eskoria KiebraQeyoEskoria KiebraQeyo2 år sedan
  • At the start of the video that mountain might look safe to run down but it isn’t if you were to trip you’d break a lot of bones.

    Blue SapBlue Sap2 år sedan
  • I don’t understand the belief of atheists, how can there possibly be existence if there was nothing to create it? “Oh, it was the Big Bang actually”, like how, does the universe all of a sudden one day just decide I am going to start to exist today?!

    Simply LazySimply Lazy2 år sedan
    • how does some mythical creature magically create a universe, explain how?

      crap_i_builtcrap_i_built2 år sedan
  • I have a question, what is your girlfriends name!? I keep hearing canyon or candon or cangon.

    John EzzoJohn Ezzo2 år sedan
  • man people love you hey.

    Bhad FishBhad Fish2 år sedan
  • Wait. Santa's totally real, yo. How else would my presents get under the christmas tree?? Heathen.

    Beardy TrabantBeardy Trabant2 år sedan
  • Wait.. The place where Cody is hiking, is still the property of his parents? It's gigantic that must've cost so much money.

    Mound'NMound'N2 år sedan
    • Cody'sLab Oh wow... Something like that is just so unimaginable for someone who lives in a city like cologne.. Thanks for letting me know!

      Mound'NMound'N2 år sedan
    • not when you settle on it in the 20's

      Cody'sLabCody'sLab2 år sedan
  • I'm just saying if you want to spam our feeds with chemistry, I don't think a single one of us would be adverse to it.

    NuyubeNuyube2 år sedan
  • I was brought to this channel by Bobby Duke.

    Captain Horatio Bungle IIICaptain Horatio Bungle III2 år sedan
  • Is there any scientist out there who believes in God, almost all of them are either atheists or Scientologist .

    Mohd AradiMohd Aradi2 år sedan
  • You are awesome, really loved your How far...Stars? video! I don’t care what religion or no religion people have. When meeting a new person their religious beliefs do not factor in. I do listen to a persons beliefs and am interested in their beliefs and respect their beliefs but in the end it doesn’t make any difference on whether or not I like that individual. What is important is whether or not that other individual tries to push their beliefs on to me or judges me for my beliefs. Life is too short and wasting time on these matters doesn’t pay off. As humans we have far too many ways in which we are alike than different and I like to focus on that.

    Geordo1960Geordo19602 år sedan
  • 1.5 million subscribers. Glad people are interested in some smart content. Did you ask the artist directly? Without agents, managers, promoters, fan clubs, marketers, organisers all in the way? I never sold a thing never filmed a thing. If ISIS are their killers (Meaning had them killed not kill for them) Thank you! My soul is not for sale. Thats why Islamic women wear burkas. People should know this. Almost their fault for not sharing that info. Guantanamo bay? Where are they now? They get used instead of informed? Making Snuf movies without knowing it. Yeah I am delusional because democracy corporates are criminal theives. Maybe reason behind 911. OR I bet they used them as an excuse to say It was them we took care of it. But really those doing it did 911 and then stopped. No one wants to see my files. Real work... Military runs away. Doors open, Drop past. So quiet here. I can hear the mice scurry along the walls. True story. Turn your TV up a little you'll hear them.

    Jeff CaligariJeff Caligari2 år sedan
  • don't go to mars we need you here when we ask questions about chemistry

    Austin SpurlockAustin Spurlock2 år sedan
  • same channel

    nathan liarnathan liar2 år sedan
  • How old is he?

    PoxPox2 år sedan
  • Cody may be the only man on youtube to walk down a mountain, inside of a cloud, while it's snowing.

    Teenage GamerTeenage Gamer2 år sedan