Indium the Metal You Can Chew!

I show off my sample of Indium by taking a bite out of it.

Ladda ner



  • Elon musk's son snacks be like :

    adigawolfadigawolf5 minuter sedan
  • I really want to eat it.

    Beanman745Beanman74516 timmar sedan
  • your sound is only on the left side lol

    Meshuggah DaveMeshuggah Dave19 timmar sedan
  • Watching this hurts my teeth since I have silver fillings

    Tonio9606Tonio960620 timmar sedan
  • Pop fans: bubble gum Heavy metal fans:

    VaiteriusVaiteriusDag sedan
  • Just rename it to indi-yum now

    Shashank SrivastavaShashank SrivastavaDag sedan
  • Real men chew indium gum.

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  • My fat ass thought it was a cookie😂

    Ronin pdxRonin pdxDag sedan
  • forbidden cookie

    yellow m&myellow m&m2 dagar sedan
  • Iron man.

    mikex1011mikex10112 dagar sedan
  • Can you weld it

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  • That metal cookie looks tasty 😋😋😋

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  • *L E F T*

    Ro blockamerPro33Ro blockamerPro332 dagar sedan

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  • Lol my teeth hurt after u bit that and I don't have any teeth

    danny donaldsondanny donaldson3 dagar sedan
  • My teeth felt that bite... 😥

    Jeandre FJeandre F3 dagar sedan
  • Tide Pods are out of fashion. Behold Indium.

    ArsalanArsalan3 dagar sedan
  • The only element I can safely put in my mouth? Oxygen, helium, nitrogen, etc etc

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  • youtube recommend after 5 years

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  • Oh

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  • Bender really need this.

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  • Thanks my son is dead...

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  • kinda sus

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  • Metalic cookie for metal man

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  • So crunching

    Zy MonadZy Monad4 dagar sedan
  • This man has definitely swallowed some.

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  • how to get cancer

    David Park`David Park`4 dagar sedan
  • Buy indium and eat it, ok got it.

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  • Iron teeth

    Nixzxie _Nixzxie _4 dagar sedan
  • Hey I did that but with a element call uhhhhh... uranium I think

    Vø1ds33kerVø1ds33ker4 dagar sedan
  • *metal cookie*

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  • Limited edition thin mints!

    Hot SauceHot Sauce4 dagar sedan
  • [Insert joke about metal injection into bloodstream]

    :D:D4 dagar sedan
  • Oooh, the "metal cookie", suicide has never been so fun!

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  • Wow

    SWAT team gamingSWAT team gaming5 dagar sedan
  • Needs a little more chocolate chips

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  • My fillings were screaming when he started chewing on it

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  • where did you purchase your indium? please

    Joshua RichardsJoshua Richards5 dagar sedan
  • Okay but why

    Starry-p The Clown KingStarry-p The Clown King5 dagar sedan
  • This makes my teeth hurt

    Aviatrix KatariahAviatrix Katariah5 dagar sedan
  • “So what did you eat for breakfast?” “Just some indium”

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  • The thumbnail should be put on r/cursed.

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  • You can also chew alumiminum tho i dont recomend you swallow it.

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  • Mmmmm who doesn’t love cursed cookies

    chris biancanellochris biancanello6 dagar sedan
  • Hmm, mint cookie.

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  • I actually work at a facility called Indium Corp where we use this stuff In soldering and micro chips. Pretty cool!

    ExiverenceExiverence6 dagar sedan
  • idk y but it looks pretty nice to eat

    mega F4ggotmega F4ggot6 dagar sedan
  • Parents: “go play with the kid next door” The kid next door:

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    • The kid is a genius

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    • Theres nothing wrong with this kid

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  • Thank you for sharing this with me Cody. 😁

    esoteric kalidescopeesoteric kalidescope6 dagar sedan
  • I can now tell my crush that I can bite into solid metal

  • White people.

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  • Ight no need to show off your teeth

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  • Who else had this recommended?

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  • is this what magicians use?

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    • Yesn't

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  • Just found your channel after reading a comment you made on someone else's video about depression and creativity. You do amazing work and are inspiring . Thank you even if you don't do it for that reason

    The Furious BananaThe Furious Banana7 dagar sedan
  • Please people DO NOT eat Indium or put it in your mouth please...

    Octo GamesOcto Games7 dagar sedan
  • Indium will kill you!! I been working with Indium for over 15 years in the laser industry. Its great as a sealer especially during thermal cycling.

    Octo GamesOcto Games7 dagar sedan
    • How will it kill you? Intoxication? Radiation? Other shit?

      Fenriz NobileFenriz Nobile5 dagar sedan
  • 👁️👄👁️

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  • Metal is back on the menu boys!

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  • Metal cookie ... now I'm hungry for this?

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  • Dont you hate it when u accidentally shit out 5 lbs of indium.

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  • Wash your hands

    Jackie WatersJackie Waters7 dagar sedan
  • Daily dose should put this in the next video

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  • Dang so i wasnt supposed to eat it....shit i got to go

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  • Inb4 indium asmr videos

    Muhaimin AhasanMuhaimin Ahasan7 dagar sedan
  • How the hell won't that murder my cavities!

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  • Do you taste metal?

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  • is it bussin tho

    Jonathan MJonathan M7 dagar sedan
  • Algorithm be like, here's a guy eating metal enjoy.

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  • I could imagine that could be useful for practical effects in film making

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  • that looks GOOD AS HELLL

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  • I just love when I get indium and just crushing and making it into salt and then injecting it into my bloodstream. But thank god I watched this video cause I would have died so I am happy you told me thank you :).

    Good_Delightful_Vibes_OnlyGood_Delightful_Vibes_Only8 dagar sedan
    • same

      Aws AbdullahAws Abdullah7 dagar sedan
  • I wanna chew on some 😂

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  • And was it good?

    bg bgbg bg8 dagar sedan
  • Crackling just like old car when you jacking it up

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  • iron cookie

    Bakir NiksicBakir Niksic8 dagar sedan
  • Dude my fillings would fucking kill me if I put that in my mouth

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  • The crunching sound is so satisfying

    Sweet JamSweet Jam8 dagar sedan
  • You can’t fix stupid with duct tape

    Brian BrowderBrian Browder8 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: You can't bite out of it, this guy just has very strong teeth

    Don't mind meDon't mind me8 dagar sedan
  • what does it taste like

    WasilurWasilur8 dagar sedan
  • What about gold?

    VahnerisVahneris8 dagar sedan
  • Mercury - the metal you can drink

    Kylo RenKylo Ren8 dagar sedan
  • I wanna make these and them eat them at my school

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  • The forbidden cookie that’s actually not forbidden

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  • my left ear loved this video

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  • I can't stop watching him bite that metal over and over again.

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  • Yes, but what does it taste like?

    Undead WizardUndead Wizard8 dagar sedan
    • Chicken probably

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  • my teeth hurt

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  • You can chew any metal if you get it to the right temperature first

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  • Ok ill make shure not to make it into a salt and inject into my blood stream thanks for the tip

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  • Mmmmm

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  • Cool

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  • Eat more metal kids.

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  • Asshole

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  • Is anyone else here because they saw this on there recommendation

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  • My cavities prefer my foil cookies

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  • My left ear enjoyed this video

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  • I think you can eat gallium as well

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  • indium is my boi

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