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Aright everyone CodyDon here! (usually shortened to just "Cody")
Welcome to my channel! I simply post videos of the (sometimes crazy) things that I do; this includes science, bees, and anything else that I am working on. Enjoy!

If you need to get in contact with me the email is: [email protected] (same as for business inquires) I dont respond to everything but your chances are a lot better than using SEcrone's mail system.
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  • what were the whitish shimmering specs in the banana ash?

    michael Hudsonmichael Hudson16 timmar sedan
  • That’s Heisenberg right there ladies & gents!!!

    Majd AlustaMajd Alusta16 timmar sedan
  • That railroad spike could change my life

    Evolved PrimateEvolved Primate17 timmar sedan
  • So you’d be dead before you ever knew a shot was fired. Who knew?!

    susanna fabrysusanna fabry18 timmar sedan
  • Cody Slab

    Jonathan YoungJonathan Young18 timmar sedan
  • your sound is only on the left side lol

    Meshuggah DaveMeshuggah Dave19 timmar sedan
  • I LOVE this!! Always enjoy walking along with you in your videos! Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experiences!!

    triggeraltriggeral19 timmar sedan
  • Chemistry student: *mixes water into water without protective gear* Teacher: “HOW THE FUCK DID HE NOT DIE?”

    ??19 timmar sedan
  • Watching this hurts my teeth since I have silver fillings

    Tonio9606Tonio960620 timmar sedan
  • Try it with mercury or galluim

    Random NotesRandom Notes20 timmar sedan
  • Talk about sweating bullets!

    Michael FritzMichael Fritz20 timmar sedan
  • This is how a vet get a real quick ptsd. Bullet hit first then you hear the sound

    Joe DelJoe Del21 timme sedan
  • Plot twist: camera gets sniped

    Mc LovinMc Lovin21 timme sedan
  • Breaking Bad does Catalitic Converters !!

    Carl RedmondCarl Redmond21 timme sedan
  • 12:45 if the fbi saw only this image, you'd be in big trouble

    Lemon BurgerLemon Burger22 timmar sedan
  • Yep. You’d never hear the one that gets you.

    G KircG Kirc22 timmar sedan
  • Kar98

    Mix TubeMix Tube23 timmar sedan
  • Probably not that far off for Walmart.

    New GuyNew GuyDag sedan
  • Wow, neat.

    New GuyNew GuyDag sedan
  • 11:14 was that a spark, and what caused it?

    projectdelta50projectdelta50Dag sedan
  • Ive reached the end of the youtube stories, good luck on finishing yours

    Arya07Arya07Dag sedan
  • What about the rhodium? 28k a troy oz for it as of today

    Lil MookieLil MookieDag sedan
  • trying out the old dragon ball training method

    Shik AnosukeShik AnosukeDag sedan
  • Shit pipe in action

    ukkoxukkoxDag sedan
  • I think you could scale this up maybe ten times and make a profitable business out of it. Problem is you'd have to deal with the risk of gold depreciating, or possible impurities in the gold you purchase on the internet.

    Erich LuepkeErich LuepkeDag sedan
  • "do i still have a nail?"

    PizzaHutJrPizzaHutJrDag sedan
  • Excuse me sir, banana is a berry, not a fruit.

    gullf1skgullf1skDag sedan
  • This needs a 3-Directional microphone to capture the sound down range. Could actually be a decent training tool to teach guys how to tell direction of incoming fire. Great vid! Love the way you set it up.

    FreeSpeechFreeSpeechDag sedan
  • Oh fuck boby I hit the camera

    Shadow knight gamingShadow knight gamingDag sedan
  • Rick and morty predicted this one, Beekeping age uh

    AndresBena20AndresBena20Dag sedan
  • i crave iron from blood part 2

    C3H8 MemesC3H8 MemesDag sedan
  • Pop fans: bubble gum Heavy metal fans:

    VaiteriusVaiteriusDag sedan
  • Not only did you lose money, you used 5X the chemicals and wasted a shit-load of time. Next time use reagent grade nitric acid, table salt, and granulated sugar. And Bob's your uncle.

    The Federal FarmerThe Federal FarmerDag sedan
  • switching maybe be done by a cheap arduino.... its way to much crap in the helmet , that could be ditched i think :(

    joppe peelenjoppe peelenDag sedan
  • well you could use a dc motor that is rated lower. .... having 100 inverters in between is not more efficient. then a OK DC motor... that could be direct drive.

    joppe peelenjoppe peelenDag sedan
  • Try to find a video of "water in acid" : something you are not supposed to do => Find a Cody's 8 years old video doing the damn thing

    Cyril DCyril DDag sedan
  • really wanted to set the insides on fire

    Brian -Brian -Dag sedan
  • Ahh, a fellow Mosin enjoyer.

    AtlasAtlasDag sedan
  • Cody, I see you like bannanas... can you please check if the pesticides that they spray on them does get inside through the peel???

    Talavs-Jekabs RiekstinsTalavs-Jekabs RiekstinsDag sedan
  • golden snitch

    Mammo MasterMammo MasterDag sedan
  • While you're out there, If you come across a satchel full of cash that's under a tree, that's resting in the hand of a corpse of a man that was involved in a nearby drug deal gone bad, if you're going to take it, make sure you thoroughly check it for a tracking device, asap. 😉

    David EDavid EDag sedan
  • Can sulfur be extracted from water as elemental sulfur?

    jonathan sotojonathan sotoDag sedan
  • I didn't hear the one that hit me even though I was within ten feet of the shooter. I heard every other one though.

    Tilc RekcilTilc RekcilDag sedan
  • how you filter that fume ?? or you just throw it away without any filter ???

    aries Wonkaries WonkDag sedan
  • "Cody had 10kg of bananas..." your the guy from math questions

    OwnGamesGamerOwnGamesGamerDag sedan

      Weird-CreationsWeird-Creations16 timmar sedan

      Cody PCody P19 timmar sedan
  • Explains why bananas give you gas!

    Abe HassAbe HassDag sedan
  • A Little off topic here but are you still doing Mercury vids? They are sooo cool! Could you try making a battery with Mercury, Mercury / Catalyst / Silver Dollar.??? Keep up the fun work :)

    Gordon DeisingerGordon DeisingerDag sedan
  • Probably should try not to shoot into a road. Cool video, but not smart letting the bullets skip around like that

    Marty PollockMarty PollockDag sedan
  • Brave cameraman

    Feels GoodmanFeels GoodmanDag sedan
  • Omg ur video is so helpful i was looking 4 a solution for a long time ago

    في الشك تفهمنيفي الشك تفهمنيDag sedan
  • When you have more balls than a ping-pong tournament

    Blest WynnzBlest WynnzDag sedan
  • Cody's lab . Yea baby

    Brandon WettermanBrandon WettermanDag sedan
  • What's with the nearly 1k downvotes? I really don't get it. You're not supposed to thumb down if just not interested y'know?

    bumboclatbumboclatDag sedan
  • MOSIN!!!!

    Mosin1929Mosin1929Dag sedan
  • There used to be a number of SEcrone channels like this: Mikey’s Lab, Dr. John’s Laboratory, etc. etc. They didn’t make it to the end of their bloopers video! Keep up the good work Cody. Thank you for your always interesting work. Stay safe. The world needs the information and inspiration you give.

    Tim BoTim BoDag sedan
  • Get an EDF fan and speed controller for hobby RC. It is way lighter, smaller and more efficient. It uses brushless motors and runs directly from a battery pack.

    egziegziDag sedan
  • For the Warning at the end about putting our finger in the mercury: Why did you get shocked 😂? Or how? (Asking about the science behind it)

    Aron Barrett-PerezAron Barrett-PerezDag sedan
  • I have no idea what’s happening?

    Jay R Jr Jay R JrJay R Jr Jay R JrDag sedan
  • Bro just call up Valve and get one of their spare HEV’s

    Ligh7BulbLigh7BulbDag sedan
  • Think of it as copper pipe brazing, use a flux and pressure test via a pump and it will work i swear. Flux lowers melting point of the parent material you could have done this

    Mark DoolanMark DoolanDag sedan
  • Lends new meaning to combat vets comments about bullets "whizzing" by. They almost sizzle.

    JohnJohnDag sedan
  • Wonder if Cody weighed it after to see how much it lost?

    Donnie V.Donnie V.Dag sedan
  • Damn. I love the way sound travels

    Jaxson AdamsJaxson AdamsDag sedan
  • What caliber?

    CCC 303CCC 303Dag sedan
  • So basically you just dirty bombed some crawdads!

    Donnie V.Donnie V.Dag sedan
  • put a small latchable cover for your dimmer switch, like those that cover MRI quench buttons.

    Mammo MasterMammo MasterDag sedan
  • how to get Lithium out of LiCl ? use Natrium or hydrogen?

    Wolfgang YorgenWolfgang YorgenDag sedan
  • Banana flesh ash water.

    Astolfo The TrapAstolfo The TrapDag sedan
  • In back to the future they used banana peels to fuel the car

    DannyDannyDag sedan
  • So that’s what incoming sniper fire sounds like

    asdf lkjhasdf lkjhDag sedan
  • Lithium rice-crispies

    Sasha JanczykSasha JanczykDag sedan
  • You’d think he would not inhale the whole thing...

    Sasha JanczykSasha JanczykDag sedan
  • Hey, Cody.. i watch your video’s all the time & I think your experiments are pretty exciting.. Thankyou for making all of your videos! Sincerely: Zachary Moussette from N.H. USA.

    Zachary MoussetteZachary MoussetteDag sedan
  • Strangely compelling.

    Eddie DinelEddie DinelDag sedan
  • 👎👎👎violencia

    Osita padiOsita padiDag sedan